Packaging: Containers for oil are prone to leak


Some oil spills out from the oil containers if left too long laying down. I’d say this has been in storage for about 2 months. The most oil lost was about 5 grams so its not too bad, just an oily mess.

Other than that, I absolutely love this stuff, a total life saver.

Just got my subscription, Soylent bags not sealed

Over the next couple of days I’ll be repackaging all the Soylent I’ve gotten to stop any more oil leaks.


We have just transitioned to a new oil bottle that doesn’t seem to leak at all. Please look out for it in future shipments and let me know if you have any more feedback.


Glad to hear <3 @MattCauble :smiley:


I just emailed about my leaky bottle experience, 1 in every 7 bottles for a 2 month order. Did everyone experience leaky bottles in shipping or was mine handled particularly rough by the carrier?


We’ll definitely get your leaky bottles replaced, @user – thanks for letting us know!


Just wanted to inform everyone that a rep at Soylent emailed me within 1 day of my initial email to let me know replacement oil bottles are on the way to me this week. Next day service! Nice!


I just found this a few minutes after emailing about my own leaky bottles. I thought it was just particularly rough handling as well. Glad to know it’s already been addressed.