Paid $60 during crowd funding, never received


I paid $60 to crowd fund this and received nothing in return. This was about a year ago. May I please have either the money back or the product I paid for?


They are still not at the one week orders. It will be quite a bit longer before they get to them, and they will then ship them in the order they received. Shipping seems to have been ramped up recently, so they’re is no saying when they will get to you. They’re on January 2014 One-Month orders right now, so will hopefully finish them in a week. Then there are 3 week orders (small amount) and 2 week orders, which hopefully won’t take more than a few weeks. If you ordered early in the crowd funding, I would ESTIMATE your order being shipped in late August.

They will refund anyone who asks of course, if you don’t want to wait.


Ten days ago they said to expect all backer orders to be completed within 8-10 weeks, so you should expect your order by the end of September, if you were an early backer you may see it in August.


Just guessing but all crowd funding orders likely to be done fairly soon If you don’t want to wait email to request a refund. You may also want to be sure your shipping info was collected.


Everyone keeps saying “all” while conveniently forgetting international backers…



Apologies for the ommison. I’m sure we all would like to see international backer orders going out.


Are they really at Jan orders?! That is great news I ordered a months worth in February It seems like I’m getting closer!