Palcohol | Powdered Alcohol Receives FDA Approval

A company has received FDA approval to sell powdered alcohol. According to their site, 1oz in a 6oz glass of water is roughly equivalent to an average drink (a beer or shot).

I don’t drink, but I thought this was cool and might interest you folks.

Be careful with the alcohol posts on here…

For the record though i think powdered alcohol is a pretty cool thing. I don’t drink very often, but it might have some merit.

Sweet! That will allow us to make soylent with alcohol in it already. (Hopefully conveying the health benefits of alcohol.)


Lower transportation costs is one, as the weight is far lower. I’m not sure on health benefits. I know it probably doesn’t have the same components that a healthy glass of scotch or red wine has.

Lol I wasn’t talking about health benefits at all. If I’m drinking I’m doing it to get drunk. Personally, I doubt that alcohol itself has any significant health benefits. The effects produced from wine or good scotch are probably more from the ingredients and the way they’re made than the alcohol. If I’m wrong I’ll be the first to admit it, and then have a drink. :smile:

That being said it can have positive (and obviously negative) social benefits. I’m a happy drunk, so it makes it a helluva lot easier to talk to people; since I’m usually the shy dude in the corner with, like, one other person whom I’ve known since elementary school.

I wonder if it gets thick if you don’t add enough water?

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Among alcohols, i know red wine is healthy (though its terrible for people with allergies). What are the health benefits of scotch?

The list is quite long, but most prominently whiskey has powerful anti-oxidants that are found rarely anywhere else. Many of them target and restrict cancer cell growth specifically.

The other benefits have limited research but are potentially valid.

Powdered alcohol? Can I snort it? Sprinkle it on my morning pancakes? Fill gel caps with it? Bake a cake? So many glorious possibilities…


Let’s go into the bathroom and take a bump of alc.


Meta Edit: Idk if this will make much of a difference, but I just recently found out the powdered alcohol was not “as advertised”. I apologize for any false representation I may have conveyed. My research was not adequate.

I think alcohol has many possible benefits but personally, I’m cautious.

I don’t believe it is powdered, but a company makes beer concentrate that can be turned into beer later by adding water. Mainly for hiking/backpacking I think.

(Unfortunately no pop rocks, but one of the ways to carbonate it is by adding “activator powder”. They have other ways to do it as well, it appears.)

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I just found out that alcohol depletes magnesium stores so supplementing during a bad hangover is a good idea.

…what? I’m not hungover. Enough with the questions!

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I would like to make a small correction…any alcohol or drink with sulfites added to it, could aggravate allergies, not just red wine.