Paleo or Non allergenic soylent?


Has anyone here attempted to put together a soylent that follows paleo principles, or a non-allergenic soylent - (which kind of follow the same principles except for eggs)? It seems as thought that’s kind of what I’m doing now that I’ve got most of my macros in place. I’m still short in some areas though and I’m looking for ingredient ideas from others who may have already been successful, or are currently working on a recipe. (And I’m specifically looking for powder/liquid ingredients, easy to mix and prepare - not food analog recipes) Any thoughts appreciated.


Shouldn’t Soylent be tangential to paleo? It’s nutrients in a flask, you don’t need to pick and choose which foods you eat.


If every ingredient were elemental, then yes but that is largely not the case, even with the official Soylent. Oats, which are the basis of most soylent recipes, is decidedly un-paleo.

In addition, the actual macro ratios would be different for paleo people (but I’m not looking for low carb) than for others. Far below what the official Soylent is sitting at now.


You can swap carbs for fats but then are you paleo or keto?


I may have embarked on an exercise in futility considering all the restrictions that I have. I don’t know yet. I don’t want to swap carbs for fat. I need higher carbs because of a thyroid issue. My carbs are kind of moderate, at 176g, fats 103g and protein at 96g. I’m just a little short of meeting all of those without upping the ingredients I have to what seems like a lot to me - which made me wonder if my ingredients were just inefficient, and perhaps someone else had come up with a better solution.


This may provide some inspiration in terms of ingredients - the current list of all items on my spreadsheet, that being all items that I bought, plus some I considered. Far from all are actually in use, for example oats are no longer in there as I’m now heading towards keto soylent. I’ve starred the ones I currently use.

Palatinose (good carb source)*
Whey Protein*
Soy Protein Isolate*
Heathers Tummy Fiber*
Blueberry Extract
Nutrisorb Trace Minerals*
Iodine Tincture*
Powdered Oats
Cocoa Powder
Hemp Oil
Soya Oil
Flax Oil
Olive Oil*
Coconut oil
Coconut Milk*
Omega 3 Liquid*
Sodium Chloride*
Dipotassium Phosphate*
Vitamin C*
Epsom Salts
Fish Oil Capsules*
Menaquinone (Vitamin K)*
Sunflower oil

No eggs!


Thanks! I’m not familiar with some of them, I’ll have to look them up.


you aren’t getting any nausea or anything with palatinose? , also why the iodine tincture instead of just iodized sodium chloride?


No nausea, I only use 50g Palatinose per day. I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone else becoming nauseous from it though?

I couldn’t find any iodised salt that provided the right amount of iodine. I can’t remember but all the ones I found had way too much or way too little. IIRC I would have been overdosing on sodium just to get a decent amount of Iodine. Though in hindsight that really doesn’t sound right since she RDA of Iodine is so low. I will have to check again…