Paleo Protein and The Case for Crickets

I finally wrote about my ongoing quest for a Paleo soylent. Turns out there’s a lot to say. It’s a long post.

Have a read: The Case for Crickets


I drank some Cricket Fuel and it tasted like cheddar cheese goldfish crackers. Expensive goldfish crackers. Want some? :wink:


You could make cricket bars for long train rides. Schnopiercer…


@axcho :smiley: I would love to try a sample of cricket schmoylent heh. like last time I still live in Denmark :3 sounds tasty though (and yeah sweetener isn’t really the best choice for everything anyway :slight_smile: )

There is no way in hell I will ever jump on a food bandwagon involving insects. Call it a limitation of mine rooted in culture or what have you, but there it is. I draw a hard line at bugs and vermin.


@Tordenskjold, if you want to pay for shipping, I’d be up for that. Let me know! :stuck_out_tongue:

@spartamets, I think you are in the majority here. At least in the US, not necessarily here on the Soylent boards. That’s why I’m extremely hesitant to bet on insect protein, even disregarding the high cost and questionable taste.

@Eryk, I still need to see that movie. Maybe it will give me some good ideas! :wink:

@axcho how much do you think the cost will be to ship the sample to Denmark?

Hard pass on Snowpiercer. I want those two hours of my life back, but that’s just me. The gelatin food bars did immediately make me think of Soylent, though. Can you imagine a nutritionally complete Jello jiggler? The world is not ready.

People seemed to like it just fine in the movie :D, it was only when they realized it was crickets many were disgusted. (sure it wasn’t sushi or steak, but still). I actually wanted to taste those bars :smiley:

As someone who has actually eaten bugs on purpose I can say that once you get over the fact that you are eating insects they are actually quite tasty.


Shame. Those gift packs are sold out.

I, too, am hesitant at the idea of eating bugs.

But I don’t understand WHY I’m even hesitant at all. I mean, I’ve eaten alligators, snakes, frogs, even snails.

And what many people enjoy that should be even more disgusting than cooked insects if you think about it logically: raw oysters on the half shell. I love 'em.

So why does bugs make me go yeech? Not a damn clue. But it does.


I am currently excreting saliva over the idea of eating some roasted and seasoned crickets… I have never tried it before, but saw it on TV some months ago and it looked pretty tasty. I might be hesitant once I have it in front of me though.

I think it might ultimately be because we see bugs as a “pest”, stuff that contains disease, eats nasty stuff and so on. But really, most insects just eat plant matter and are much more clean than what we normally eat.


I’d buy a few days’ worth, just to see what it’s like. I couldn’t afford to be a regular customer at that price though.

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@Tordenskjold, according to the USPS price calculator, the cheapest cost from the US to Denmark would be about $13 to ship a large envelope containing up to half a pound of powder with First-Class Package International Service. Doesn’t say how long it would take, but probably longer than the 6-10 business days it takes for more expensive options.

That doesn’t seem too bad, actually.

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Are you serious going to send a mysterious powder in an envelope to a foreign national? :slight_smile:


Looks like even among non-vegetarians there are many different kinds of them. Some eat just fish but no other meat, some eat fish-and-poultry but no other meat. Some dont eat pork but eat beef and everything else, some dont eat beef but eat everything else. Some eat all of these but dont eat bugs or other animals like frogs, alligators etc while some eat these too but not bugs. And finally some eat all of these :smile:


I have this belief or feeling if you will (just a feeling no scientific basis) that people should not eat animals…that eat other animals. Only animals that eat plant matter and nothing else.

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Just yesterday i was thinking about jelly like soylent (not exactly gelatinous but still) and how would it be to make, ship, carry,eat etc. It didnt occur to me from the movie.

I will write you in a few days when I get my paycheck :smiley: $13 sounds fine, slightly more expensive than ordering a pizza here in Denmark. But I really wanna try it.

Yep, if he wants me to! :wink:

Probably a good policy!

Sounds good - keep me posted. :slight_smile: