Pancreatitis pain


For a person who worries about every bite that he takes ovr pain, could this be a subsitute in staying healthy with less pain?


Talk to your doctor.


Hi Billy916,

From my limited research online i conclude that pancreatitis is a symptom casued by disease or alcohol abuse. You should ask about the real cause of the pancreatitis before we can look at the role of soylent in pain management.

The one thing i did find is that fat intake should be limited and alcohol avoided.

Even if soylent somehow helps, it will not replace the therapy prescribed by your doctor


I say we do nothing about diagnosing diseases, as we’re thoroughly unqualified for that.


Thank you for your time. It just seems that the less solid foods I ingest seem to help, the easier it is for the pancreas, so i’m assuming a liquid supplement would help.
Thx G. Calderon


I have limited my food intake so much due to my pancreatitis. I don’t drink very much alcohol, if any at all. I’m taking the ingredient list of Soylent to see what she thinks.