Paradox Fuel - DIY Recipe Review


Yes, I’m copying @axcho’s naming scheme, because its awesome. And technically, it does have an axcho recipe in its lineage, so there’s that.

Anyways, here’s my Paradox Fuel recipe. Its based on a recipe called “Choylent” that somebody recently linked in the forums (thank you, kind stranger, you’ve saved me over 50 $/month).

Please let me know your feedback on either tweaks to bring down some of the more ridiculous RDA values down or to improve the sourcing.

Known Issues:

  • Grapeseed oil has no source. I haven’t seen another recipe use it so I’ll have to research a good source for it…
  • Vitamin K is low. Need to evaluate a good long term Vitamin K source. Right now I have some Vitamin Shoppe capsules at home that I’ll probably use until I get something more long term.
  • Fiber is low. Will probably use lots of psyllium husk, but I’m not sure if I need to find an insoluble fiber source to keep the balance healthier… the internet says it should be a 1:1 ratio, but its the internet, ya know?
  • I need a good scale for the vitamin D. *gulp* Not prepared for this. >.>


NOW K-3 D-2 caps would work great.


Unless you have a specific reason for it I would cut the grape seed oil. It’s giving you a ridiculous amount of omega 6. Also the volume measurement for it is wrong.

For fiber I use this stuff. It has a good mix of different kinds of fiber.


I wouldn’t call 127% a “ridiculous amount”. But the reason is twofold: 1) its cheaper than using pure avocado oil and 2) it helps offset the lightheadedness I get from the extra omega 3. I add extra omega 3 because I’ve noticed an improvement in mental function from approximately that amount. Still determining how much of that is from the omega 3 and how much is the monounsaturated fat… But the grapeseed oil makes it easier to semi-independently adjust these values while I work out the specifics.


I just did the math and that looks like the amount would pretty much nail the amount I want in my recipe. Thanks!


the 17g of omega 6 is an average for Americans that get to much as is and is just a suggestion. From what I’ve read on the minimum omega 6 is 3-4g. Soylent 1.4 has ~9g of omega 6.


Possibly, but the amount is based on what seems to do well for me. A lower omega 6 value would leave me lightheaded from the increased omega 3.


Ok then like I said unless you had a reason for it and you obviously do. It’s not like the amount you have is dangerous or anything I just thought it was high. I came across an article awhile back that could explain why you saw an improvement in your symptoms when you included an omega 3 in your diet.