Partial shipment received?


I ordered the 2 week pack (14 bags) back in June. I just received a box but it only contained the pitcher box and 1 week of Soylent box. I’m wondering if the other box is on it’s way or was this a mistake? The FedEx sticker actually shows about 20lbs for the box but it was off by about 9lbs which would be the weight of a 1 week supply. The large box was packed with the bubble wrap so it doesn’t appear that there was room for the other box. Anyone had this issue? I’ve already emailed but assumed i wouldn’t hear back for sometime. I don’t want to start on a 7 day supply if i’m going to have to skip a few weeks waiting on the next box. btw, i’ve tried the 1.2 for the first time and I think it will work. not much of a taste at all. i’m pumped to get this going full time!




Tagging @Soylent to help you out.


Thank you for the help!


@Augman68 Our apologies for the shipping miscue – we confirmed the mistake and are shipping you the remaining 1-week of Soylent. You’ll receive a tracking # via email in 3-4 business days. Thanks!


thank you for the quick reply. By the way, my account should be under jeffmkimball @ Again thanks. You guys rock.