Partial Soylent Diet


Hi! I’m planning to try soylent as a meal substitute for just lunches, as I’ll be in a dorm and I have to be on a meal plan that gives me breakfast and lunch… is that a good idea, or should soylent be used as a complete take over of someone’s diet?


There’s nothing wrong with supplementing your diet with Soylent. I think many plan on doing that rather than giving up normal food altogether. I plan on using it for 1-2 meal replacements per day, some days maybe replace all meals. For me it’s about nutrition, cost, convenience and satisfying hunger cravings.


yeah, a mixed diet is pretty standard. They will give you a scoop so you can easily measure out single meals worth.


I plan on 10-15 soylent meals a week.


Awesome! thanks everyone for your reply! (:


This would have been nice to have during college, scrounging for food took up a lot of my time that could have been spent studying. You might find it’s so convenient you will be skipping some of your paid meals just to avoid getting up early or making the walk to the cafeteria.


Soylent is food, not a diet. You aren’t ‘required’ to stick to anything. Eat what you want, when you want and normal food otherwise. Might want to do it up by half-day portions and use it as a snack or something…


I have been DIY Solylenting for the last 3 months, but only breakfast and lunch Monday-Friday. The only thing I notice is that my weight jumps by 3-5 LB over the weekend and then drops back down by Friday.


I work on an ambulance, we work 7days on with 7 days off. A small call load daily so that’s why the schedule is the way it is. I plan to use Soylent as complete meals on duty. Than two meals substitute at home as wife and I are pretty mobile on my off days.
I had worked at a large call volume ambulance service before and totally wreaked my diet requirement. Fast food or no food,eat on the run…etc. Soylent would be perfect for individuals who have the same schedule.