Particulates in throat after drinking


I used the recommended one pouch + 1 liter of water with some ice and oil in my blender. I let it sit overnight, but this morning for my first try (after another few shakes) I’m finding a lot of fine mixture powder/particles are left in my mouth, making it very hard to swallow (I literally have to take a chug of water otherwise I choke). Should the water portion be increased to compensate for this?


Go to 1.6liters water skip the ice if your refrigerating overnight. Should smooth it out for you


I use 1.6L of water when I mix up a days worth. I also use an immersion blender to get it nice and smooth.


You may want to try omitting the oil until the following morning too. A lot of people (including myself) have found this to help with the smoothness quite a bit.


mega +1 on adding the oil the next day. Makes a huge difference.


I also +1 on adding oil after an overnight soak. Also, since you’re doing the overnight soak, just use water. No need for ice if you’re chilling it overnight.


Yeah I think maybe the instructions are off. The recommended amount of water for making it with bottle vs blender is different. 1 L of water + full pouch of soylent amounts to about half of the pitcher that comes with it so I just fill up the rest of the pitcher to the top with water. Otherwise it is definitely grainy.


They clearly expect you to put in more than .6 liters of ice.