Pasteurized, pickled vegetables?

Would it be healthy to only eat vegetables in this form?

That one contains cucumbers, carrots, cabbage, red onion, green tomato, bell peppers, mild peppers…

It certainly is more convenient than buying each vegetable separately and than mix it. It even lasts longer after the jar is opened.

There are a number of essential nutrients you can’t get from vegetables like B12. Also those vegetables are not high enough in protein and probably not high enough in healthy fats.


Well, of course, I would just use this mixed salad as topping for meat products, like chicken sausages.

I was just wondering if the acidity would have negative effects.


I doubt it would have negative side effects. Maybe heartburn. Pickling has been a standard preservation method for centuries. I’ve never heard of anything bad related to it.


I was just reading that consuming pickled vegetables daily has a strong link to gastric cancer.

This particular product is pickled in vinegar, but they seem to make distinction between fermentation and pickling.

The more I read the less informed I am.

Salt is not a directly acting carcinogen, but consumption of salt and salt-preserved foods may cause atrophic gastritis by directly damaging the gastric mucosa, which could induce DNA synthesis and cell proliferation that contributes to stomach carcinogenesis(67) or enhance the penetration of carcinogens.(68) In addition, it has been reported that a high-salt diet enhances H. pylori colonization in the stomach.(69)Helicobacter pylori infection may increase the endogenous synthesis of nitrate in the stomach and decrease gastric vitamin C concentrations,(70) thereby increasing endogenous N-nitroso compound formation.(16) For these reasons, a high intake of salt and salt-preserved foods has been considered a probable cause of GC in many studies.(16,36,40,51,54,71,72) The loss of antioxidants in fresh vegetables as a consequence of processing and storage under acid and oxygen might partially explain the harmful effects of consumption of pickled vegetables on GC risk.(15,20,21) Another possible explanation is that pickled vegetables are a possible food source of nitroso compounds, thereby contributing to gastric carcinogenesis.(22,23)>

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Note it says possible carcinogen. If you look hard enough at literally any food including ultra organic blueberries you will find carcinogens and possible carcinogens. If I understand the text you posted it sounds like it would be a good idea to add a fresh source of antioxidants to the meal you plan on using this in.

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Fresh source, such as…?

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Fruits and veggies, raw.

You could also just take anti-oxidant supplements but you won’t get the “synergy” effects (which I’m skeptical of but not enough to completely deny)

It appears that a high salt diet could cause gastritis that might contribute to cancer. I like pickled vegetables myself, but instead of buying them online, you could pickle them yourself and use less salt. There are a lot of books available re pickling - I just got one myself.