Pausing subscription not really pausing?

Apparently, pausing your subscription only delays it by week. I hit the pause button, got the message saying “Your subscription has been paused,” only to find out today that I’ve been charged and more Soylent is ready to ship. I hit the pause button again to see what was up and it took me a while to figure out that it only sets the date back by a week. Usually when you “pause” something, it stays paused until you resume, so this seems a pretty misleading to me. I have more Soylent than I know what to do with and now I’m that much more poor.

Weird. When I paused my subscription, it gave me a choice from a pull down menu; I was able to select the date I wanted my subscription to resume.


That’s how it works. @agentotter seems to have realized the mistake was his, so I’m actually not sure what the problem is. The pause UI is exceedingly clear:

If you want to indefinitely pause, just cancel the subscription. There is no penalty.


I paused my subscription for a month or two several times recently.

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Unless you’re moving out soon or running out of space to store the Soylent, I don’t see a huge problem.

If you don’t intend on consuming it anymore … maybe try selling it.

Maybe it was a browser issue, what browser were you using? Were you on a Mac, PC, iOS or Android?

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Well, it looks like I’m in the wrong… :confused:

I checked carefully before my original post to see what I could be doing wrong. I tried pausing the subscription again and looked to see if there was a way to set it to be paused for a longer time and couldn’t find one.

And now I go back and try again and see the dropdown menu right in the middle of the page. I’m usually pretty tech savvy, so I don’t know what went wrong. Maybe the dropdown menu didn’t load, or maybe I have a giant blindspot in the middle of my eyes. But somehow I missed it twice on two different days. (And you’re right, the UI is straightforward and clear)

Without knowing the date was set I was under the impression that the subscription was paused indefinitely when it said “Your subscription has been paused.”

Sorry for the trouble guys, and thanks for pointing out my dumb mistake! :sweat_smile:


That is so weird. I’ve paused my subs many times, and I’d swear I’ve never seen that dropdown before. And like agentotter, I’m usually pretty tech-savvy. But, I am prone to not seeing things that are right in front of my nose. :confused:

Fortunately I had noticed that it was just extending the due date by a week, so I just paused twice the few times I needed to pause for more than that.

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The drop down hasn’t always been there. Pausing it used to pause it indefinitely, so if that’s what you were expecting, I can understand how your eyes might accidentally skip over the drop down.

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I made the exact same mistake the first time I tried to pause my subscription. Never saw a drop-down menu, assumed the subscription was paused indefinitely, and got an order the following week. After that I looked into it again and discovered the drop-down menu for the first time.


I made the same mistake when I first paused my subscription

Perhaps they should rename it to “delay”.


They should add a multitude of options: pause, delay, postpone, defer, suspend. That would clear things right up!