Payment Processed: Things are moving!


I’m coming out of the shadows, as I normally only lurk and read the forums, to let folks know that I just received an email that my payment has been processed for my order.
I checked my bank account and it’s processed there as well.

Things are moving so hopefully everyone else will start seeing their payment processed confirmation emails soon, too.


was that for soylent or the extras?


The charge was for the additional Soylent [AddOn].
My original Soylent purchase was billed at the time of the purchase.
All the other extra add on stuff I had was automatically removed, as per the blog post about that.

Edit: Clarification


My card was charged for the extra week I had ordered. After a long wait it’s finally happening! Could not be happier.



Shiny, I just saw my email as well.
I wonder if that means it passed the last bit of QA testing?


Hope I don’t get red flagged on forum but…

Whenever someone says “could not be happier” I like to reply with…are you currently receiving oral sex from an attractive member of the opposite gender? If you were…would you not be happier?


Yeah, it passed two weeks ago, I believe. Starts shipping next.


Oh, I might have missed it but in the Blog post on 04/08
"If the final blended batch of Soylent 1.0 passes QA tests as expected, FedEx will begin shipping the first preorders Monday, April 21st."

so that’s what I was hoping passed :smile:


Anyone know which state it’s shipping out of? I wander what the transit time will be to philly.


From the 4/8 update thread:


My money is also gone :slight_smile: Nice to see Rosa Labs showing on the CC statement.


It’s shipping from California. I’m also waiting in Philly for my shipment :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m in Maryland. The estimate of 3 days FedEx ground seems a little optimistic for us all the way over here.


I know that feeling. I’m up in Alaska, it’ll probably add a little extra time on the shipping.


If it’s sent via Fedex 3-day, it is 3 days.
If it’s sent via the cheapest way possible, (Fedex ground, non-express) the following map applies, assuming shipping from Modesto, California.


How does FedEx ground get to Hawaii? :smile:

Also looks like most of Alaska is closer than Maryland. I wouldn’t have guessed.


@VadimGod - From what I’ve seen, you’re not likely to be banned for that.


WELL…in that case @#$#@$ @#$%%% ^^##$ #$@%$% all of you fine folks :smile:


kinda regret Ill have to wait till very end of may…but kinda happy i didnt invest a ton of money into a product I have yet to try (as is my pattern) hope I love v1.0 but ill get by on DIY for now and in the interim before my reorder comes in.