Payment via BitCoin?

When I placed my preorder, I paid in BitCoin, and that was cool. On the new Soylent website (it looks awesome, by the way- kudos and mad props unto thee!) there does not seem to be an option to pay with Bitcoin for either the one time order or the subscription option. Was bitcoin payment only intended for the preorder phase, is it likely to be made available in the near future, or have I been spectacularly obtuse, and missed something obvious, like a big honking link labeled ‘CLICK HERE TO PAY WITH BITCOIN’?


While we’re at it, it would be nice to see Google Wallet support in the future (and paypal/amazon/whatever too, I guess, as they’re a little more common…).

Anyone know if Recurly has an easy support module for accepting these?


Now that the IRS has classified bitcoin as property for tax purposes, it seems like it would be a big headache to deal with for both individuals and businesses.




They were using Coinbase for accepting Bitcoin, before, which can automatically convert received Bitcoin payments to dollars, eliminating any need for Rosa Labs to deal with the logistics or tax issues of dealing with Bitcoin directly.

I, too, paid for my initial preorder with Bitcoin, and would love to use it for my reorders as well.


They now use Shopify.

Soylent can add Bitcoin as an alternative payment method – it’s just one configuration setting away (after opening an account with BitPay).


Soylent, please accept Bitcoin! As mentioned by @sgornick, this is quite easy to setup. With BitPay, there shouldn’t be any problem about Bitcoin and taxes because you’ll simply receive your payment in US dollars.

As you mentioned in your blog post before (, Soylent is the future of food, and Bitcoin is the future of money.

I only have an international credit card, so this is not just a cool feature to have for me, but a feature that will allow me to buy Soylent. I backed the campaign and paid in Bitcoin, but now I can’t purchase anymore because of the lack of payment options.

Please help me!


+1 on Bitcoin acceptance. Check out BitPay or Coinbase.

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I think these alternate currencies main benefit is all the fun little games that have been regulated into extinction in established currencies have an opportunity to work with the new ones. Like ponzi schemes. Or “bank” type establishments that misplace your money. Because it’s new, people are slower to catch onto such frauds where as regulation required disclosures on similar investments and establishments using USD make it harder (but of course, not impossible.)

As far as RL is concerned though I suppose money is money. And if there were enough demand to use an alternate currency it probably makes sense to do so. Fees, risk, and so on all being the same at least.

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+1: Please accept Bitcoin again. I bought my first round with Bitcoin and would love to do it again.


Will Soylent be accepting Bitcoin again anytime soon? @Conor

I keep seeing people ask about it online various places:


I have not been giving any time line. I have been told its a goal.


Is Soylent for the average person or the hipster? I mean no disrespect by that, but I’m trying to point out that accepting Bitcoin could have unintended consequences like pushing away the average person who first looks into Soylent with the presupposition that Soylent is a gimmick. After all, most people are skeptical at first. I won’t be upset if you guys accept it, but I think there could be consequences from the average person that won’t post on these forums. Also, prioritizing BitCoin over some other forms of payment seems, well, strange.

I can’t see how people would be dissuaded from buying a product because they provide multiple payment options. It’s not like they have to turn off credit card purchases or put big Bitcoin banners up on the website. Just a little button at the bottom of of the order page that says “pay with Bitcoin” and maybe a single sentence on the main website (“We accept credit card and Bitcoin.”) to notify the people who are more likely to buy if they can pay with bitcoins.

I, personally, would be somewhat upset if they refused to set up Bitcoin payments because they think their customers aren’t smart enough to understand it.


The more payment options, the better.


Because BitCoin is seen as a fringe thing right now. Most places in most areas don’t accept it. I also think Soylent would have a tough time making the argument that Soylent is food for the average person when they accept BitCoin but not other forms of payment like food stamps.

Food stamps is a governmental program though with regulations, red tape, and approvals needed. They would love to accept food stamps if it were possible to do so right now.

I think accepting as many forms of payment as possible is a good thing. They accepted BitCoin before they changed to a new website. I never paid with BitCoin, but it seems like a non-trivial amount of people are interested in possibly paying that way.


You make a good point @atheist4thecause. A lot of people look down on online currency for whatever reason, and RL does have higher priorities.

I think that if they were to put the old Bitcoin payment option back just like they had it though, that’d be awesome. It was visible enough that the people looking for it would see it right away, people who weren’t looking wouldn’t be smacked in the face with something they see as “weird” or “hipster”, and it would be repeating something they have already done before, so it shouldn’t get in the way of other projects.

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That had zero baring in the decision. As I said we hope to re-add the feature soon.


Maybe I am late but I want to say that I have no doubt in Bitcoin payment system. It’s a good alternative and less possibility that your payments will be affected. I trade for example on and I like it.