PB&Cocoa recipe - critiques?


I thought I’d make the recipe I’ve been using public and toss it out there for folks opinions.

This is a low cal weight loss recipe targeted for 1-2 daily meal replacements and designed to balance out a diet where “normal” meals tend to be heavier in carbs and fats. (so the attempt is to keep carbs/fats low in the mix). I also use multiple sources for protein- whey,soy and peanut. For simplification and cost reduction just soy protein could be used but for long term use I like the idea of more than a single source for the protein. The peanut flour provides a nice peanut-butter flavor that blends well with the cocoa powder.

I don’t see many recipes that use peanut flour, not sure if that is because it is a bad idea to consume this everyday or it is just not popular?

I’ve been using this recipe for several months now (tweaked it a little here and there) with good results. Depending on my dinners I tend to lose about a pound a week and will likely up the oats and sugar a bit when I’m at a weight I want to maintain.

I’d welcome any constructive criticism :slight_smile:



I think most people have avoided peanut flour because 1) it’s not very common (compared to oats/oatmeal and soy) and 2) it can kill people.

My wife is highly allergic to peanuts, so I have to be careful about what I bring into the house. She’s not as bad as some - I can eat peanut products myself without a kiss sending her into anaphylactic shock - but people have avoided much in the way of peanuts overall because of the prevalence of peanut allergies.

In fact, the idea of soylent attracts a lot of people with food allergies (gluten, etc.) who may be looking for more control over what they put into their bodies.

The only real criticism I have per se is the inclusion of MSM for sulfur. It’s now basically accepted among the diy-ers in the forum that sulfur supplementing is unnecessary. The sulfur in your diet comes from Sulfur containing Amino Acids (SAA’s), so if you’re getting a complete set of proteins (which you are), you don’t need to supplement sulfur.

As a bonus, this removes the source of a substantial amount of bitterness from soylent.

But power to you! It looks like you’ve found a recipe/strategy that’s really working for you (though it’s a bit high in carbs for my taste). Keep at it, and let us know how it goes!


Thanks for the response
I had seen the discussion on MSM and the fact that the protein ingredients should provide sufficient sulfur amounts but I was already using this and never removed it from my recipe. I’ve never noticed any bitterness from the MSM, maybe the peanut and cocoa are strong enough flavors to hide it. I’ll probably continue to use it till I run out and only buy more if I find a reason to. (one less ingredient and save a few pennies- yay! :slight_smile: )

I had tried to be a bit lower on the carbs but I didn’t want to end up with just protein either. I may try lowering the carbs a bit by lowering the oat amount, not sure if I’ll need to increase something else to make up for the callorie loss. Maybe I could up the fats amount but I still have a hard time getting my head around fats being good, for so long I’ve been trained to avoid fats.



Yeah, a peanutbutter cup will hide anything…
You don’t need to worry so much about the carbs, I just tend toward fewer of them as a matter of habit - low carb diets have been the only thing that worked for me.
If you’re really interested in minimizing carbs, you could switch to soy flour. It’s largely protein, with a good amount of fiber.
And I hear you, breaking the mental barrier to eating healthy fats can be hard. Just remember that fats are good sources of energy that our bodies need - milk is naturally high in fat, and many plants (olives, sesame, avocado, nuts) contain copious amounts of healthy, vitamin rich fats.