Pea Protein article


You Will Eat Your Peas Now as Big Food Binges on Protein

Here is an interesting article about how the big food companies are starting to take an interest in pea protein.

There’s even some talk about the farting issue.

Gas Issue

Pulses aren’t perfect – the dense proteins can harden the texture of foods, as the General Mills researchers discovered with the Larabar ALT, whose shelf life is about two months shorter than regular Larabars. And digesting pulses is not always easy, leading to discomfort and flatulence in some cases.

“Some people have a bunch of bacteria just waiting to digest this in ways that are not pleasant,” said Peter Jones, director of the Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg. “But you do improve your tolerance over time.”

Ultimately though, what swayed the General Mills scientists who screened half a dozen alternatives to soy and dairy before settling on yellow peas was what pulses don’t bring to the table: no allergens nor genetically modified organisms.


Pfft. More like swayed their marketing/PR department. rolls eyes


So could this be the cause of the putrid smelling gas?


Only for people using pea protein in their DIY; official Soylent doesn’t use it.


I think the same could be said for brown rice protein. Suddenly introducing large amounts of it to your diet could also lead to digestion that is ‘not pleasant’ at first.