Pea Protein As Part of a High Protein Recipe?


Anyone have thoughts on integrating Pea Protein into their recipe? I currently take just shy of 170 grams daily of protein with a mix that is predominately whey isolate with some addition casein. In this blend my biggest cost driver is the Whey Isolate (and it seems to keep going up in cost). I’ve noticed Pea Protein can be acquired for significantly less and has some other benefits similar to casein as far as satiety levels over time.

My thought would be to keep my Casein where it is and maybe pull out 50 grams of Whey and substitute with 50 equivalent grams of Pea Protein. I have no experience with Pea Protein though and was hoping to find someone with feedback good or bad. My wife is getting tired of being bulk ingredients and then giving them away after being displeased with the results.

Quick edit - looks like Pea Protein isn’t as cheap as I recalled. Still open to thoughts on substitutes for Whey protein be it Rice, Soy, etc.


Thats my current recipe that I would be integrating the pea protein into fyi.


My recipe, Hippie Chow, uses Vegan Optimizer Protein from, which contains the popular Gemma pea protein along with hemp and rice protein to round out the amino acid profile. I’m having great results with this and ModCarb. For now, I’m using a different mix of vegetable juices.


I was unaware of this site, it looks pretty reasonably priced. I initially was just looking at Pea Protein but now I’m really open to Pea or Rice. Being able to get it for $8 a pound is a pretty big savings when Whey is been trending up and up closer to $12 a pound as of late. Even when adjusting for the 80 vs 90% there is still a significant cost savings.


I’ve received a few orders from with no problems. Everything arrived in sealed mylar bags. Just looking around their site has given me lots of ideas.


I’ve heard that pea protein does not taste very good. It does not have a complete amino acid profile, so you will have to use other proteins to get the complete array of amino acids.

As for whey protein, have you looked at They are pretty reasonable.

Some people are apprehensive about soy protein, but you can get it for about $5/lb.


I <3 Hard Rhino actually :wink: I’ve ordered over 30 pounds of isolate from them but prices on Whey have been skyrocketing over their. I actually just ordered the 11 lbs of Soy myself after digging into the estrogen/testosterone research a bit. As for completeness this will just be part of a blend in my recipe that is meant to deliver 2x the DRI. I strength train and do crossfit 4-5 times a week so keeping my protein levels up was important for me as well as a good way to maintain satiety. Here is where I ended up

So I was able to hit two goals, one was to be at or under $5 a day, not because I can’t afford more but I think $5 a day is something just about anyone can afford and makes a great statement about folks who spend that much or more on a single takeout meal or fancy coffee in the morning. The other goal of course was 100% nutrition with the increase in Protein and staying under 2400 calories a day.


I used pea protein in my recipe for exactly that reason. Cut costs on the most expenaive item. Only complaint (as the added why makes for a complete amino acid profile)

It gunks it up. A lot. Mixes with no pea maintain liquid consistency with much less water and bother.


this getting this right is quite important especially if you’re physically active


I’d appreciate you checking it out: Vegan Protein Optimizer Formula. I tried to find an optimal amino acid, but was unable to find anything reliable. Most just assume that whey is best.


I must have missed this yesterday when I was perusing the website. If this was truly complete I would be open to actually converting my entire recipe off of Whey products entirely. At 10 pounds your looking at a little over 8 dollars a pound.

My concern would be though is this mix a true complete substitute? Soy Protein is complete from what I’ve read but Pea, Hemp, and Rice are either missing or low in quantity of certain amino’s. I found a few articles that basically recommend a blend of plant proteins to complete the amino profile but from what I could see, many of them recommended pairing hemp or rice protein with Soy. I couldn’t find anything that says Pea Protein, Rice, and Hemp together complete the profile for what thats worth. If you do have a solid reference I’m all ears, it’s certainly something I would entertain and give a shot with a starter bag or two. Assuming nutritional completeness that only leaves texture/taste/mouthfeel as roadblocks and I’ve got a pretty forgiving palette.

I get why a store like this though would not include Soy because of GMO and that many people still view Soy protein as a dangerous material.


From Wikipedia:

The following table lists the optimal profile of the essential amino acids, which comprises a complete protein, as recommended by the Institute of Medicine’s Food and Nutrition Board

Essential Amino Acid… mg/g of Protein

Tryptophan… 7
Threonine… 27
Isoleucine… 25
Leucine… 55
Lysine… 51
Methionine+Cystine… 25
Phenylalanine+Tyrosine… 47
Valine… 32
Histidine… 18 formula

Tryptophan… 9
Threonine… 30
Isoleucine… 38
Leucine… 78
Lysine… 47
Methionine+Cystine… 34
Phenylalanine+Tyrosine… 84
Valine… 47
Histidine… 19

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. TrueNutrition,com also has a custom mix calculator for ultimate control.


Thanks for digging that up, I figured it was close but I hadn’t had a chance to dig into it. I think I’ll order a couple bounds and make a few days of completely vegan (whey free) of my formulation and see how it goes mixed in with my regular stuff… Mainly as a test for taste/texture/mouth feel. If that goes well enough I have about 22 pounds of Whey I need to burn through before converting entirely but it looks completely feasible from a nutrition perspective and it sounds like Pea protein is the only potential problem with texture but it’s only a portion of the mix…

LazyVegan - You’ve been using this mix, did you ever take Whey so you could give a simple like for like comparison on texture and solubility? I mean outside the context of DIY or even in a recipe if you’ve tried both either way.


I hear it’s good to drink pea so you can pass a breathalyzer test… :wink:


No, I’ve been vegan for thirty years - no whey for me. I dissolve the powders in vegetable juice, which results in a light, frothy consistency - not the thick, heavy feel of official Soylent,


You might find this post interesting. The writer has done the linear algebra to find out the optimal ratios of vegan sources.

Have you ever seen an application, like TrueNutrition’s, that allow you to enter your own protein sources?


If your DIY uses masa harina or oat flour, isn’t pea protein a recommended compliment? You are supposed to match grains with legumes. So in fact pea flour doesn’t need to be complete protein and you can keep the protein cheap. In theory, anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:


Masa is not a good source of protein, so adding in only pea protein will not give you a complete amino acid profile.


Yeah agreed, any protein you use with Masa needs to be complete or part of a mix that is complete. Since posting this I have ultimately gone with a three way split between Whey, Casein, and Soy. I had kept my distance from Soy just because there was so much “noise” around concerns and I wasn’t taking enough protein that I cared about the price difference. At this point though with Soylent I am taking a very large amount (200% rdi) so the cost really started to add up. I am now taking 50/50/75 gram blend of Whey/Casein/Soy. I’m getting enough whey and soy which are both complete proteins and the casein works great for appetite suppression and is a slow release protein. The soy is cheap and cuts the cost of ousting 125 grams of whey each day.


Thanks–very helpful. Another recipe I’m tinkering with uses pea/rice/soy with a 65/30/5 ratio by grams of protein for each. This is per the linear algebra link @LazyVegan posted above. Maybe it would be simpler to just use a true nutrition vegan mix instead. :stuck_out_tongue: