Peer recommendations? (The technical details I seem to be missing)


Hey guys, super excited about the release! It’s awesome to see this project kick itself way off the ground.

There’s a few specifics I seem to be terrible at finding, however, and I was hoping the community could help me out here:

  • What is the intended ratio of water-to-soylent powder?
  • How much should be made for a day’s worth of meals?
  • How well preserved is the powder?
  • How long is a mixed blend good for, roughly?
  • Are any supplement meals required or recommended?
  • Is there anything one should avoid on this diet?

And just some things I figured I’d ask you guys for advice on:

  • Are there any recommended blenders for the concoction?
  • Do you usually consume at meal intervals in larger quantities or sip throughout the day?
  • Are there any recommended exercise routines that you would recommend to compliment this diet?
  • Are there any recommended containers for storage or consumption of the blend?



I included my answers within your quoted text below. Cheers.


1 bag
It will last a long time
not sure
Chewing gum for jaw exercise

All blenders (hopefully) do the same thing as long as it works I recommend it

Whatever you like. Why not try it different each week see if u notice a difference

Chew gum for your jaw
Soylent has bottles that are included in the starter kit but any will do


Eep! That’s WAY too much… it’s one bag per day.


Ahhh, they come in individual bags? I didn’t realize that, thanks!

Quick clarification: 1 bag of soylent requires how much water though? 1L?


Yikes! Youre right!!! MY B! 3 servings per bag!!!


Each bag is for a whole day. Your starter kit will come with a scoop. If you put the whole bag in the starter kit pitcher, you will need 6 scoops of water for the full day of Soylent.


@JulioMiles had mentioned that soylent is prepared with equal sizes of water and powder.


Oh, well that makes things simple, thanks!


It’s actually even more simple than that – just pour the pouch into the pitcher, fill to the top with water and 1 bottle of oil blend (1-2 cups of ice also recommended to chill and help mix).

Seal, shake, and you’re done!


Sorting this out actually took longer than coming up with a DIY blend I liked. For the first weekI would drink it as meals but run out and find myself getting hungry at night. So I started spreading it out more. Now I’ll have a glass for breakfast, take a Nalgene full with me to work. Sipping the Nalgene it usually runs out around 2ish. The rest stays at home in the fridge and I sip it until around 7. I try to leave some leftover on gym days so I can finish it off post-workout.

I’m sure everybody is different depending on their body and schedule, but that’s what works for me.


Sorry if I don’t follow too well, but what do you mean by oil blend? (cooking newb, sorry!)


Thanks for the input!



No way is it that easy…


At the moment, part of Soylent is a blend of fish and canola oil that comes in a separate little bottle.


Ah, convenient. Thanks!


Another question I’d like to add: Once the 2 cups of Soylent and 2 cups of water for a single meal have been fully mixed together about how many ounces does it take up?


If a full day batch completely fills the 2 liter pitcher as @JulioMiles suggests then a ‘meal’ would be ~20 oz. give or take


Each scoop is 135 ml, so two scoops Soylent two scoops water would be 540ml. You’d also add 3 tsp of the oil blend, for a total volume of 555 ml.

Soylent consistency and preparation instructions
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So a single meal of Soylent is 18.7668oz exactly, according to the all-mighty google (all hail our google overlords!) Thank you :smiley: