People chow 3.0 issues and questions



I bought all the ingredients off Amazon, they arrived yesterday. I made my first batch. It tasted pretty bad. Here are my issues:

I had to go to the vitamin store for the potassium citrate. I got a bottle with 300 capsules in it. I didn’t realize I was supposed to get just a pure powder. So I opened up the capsules and measured out the 36 grams I needed for 6 days worth of the recipe.

When I noticed the recipe tasted funny, I went back and looked at the bottle. Each capsule only has 99mg of Potassium Citrate in it. The rest is filler, which consists of: and I quote: “Mcrocrystalline cellulose, dicalcium phosphate, gelatin, magnesium stearate and silica.”

So I am not getting enough Potassium Citrate, which I am fine with for now because, at most, I eat soylent for breakfast and lunch and make my own dinner where I am sure to cover the 4 basic food groups. And I still take a multivitamin. But how much do you think the 36 grams of this stuff threw off the taste?


Then, I saw in the video that he added some Stevia. I couldn’t find that at the store, so I skipped it. I will be adding it shortly. That can only help the taste, I figure. Right?

I also didn’t add the salt. I have too much in my diet already. I’m adding that next, hoping to alter the taste.

Finally, one of the main things that bothered me was the texture of the drink. That Masa is not at all a fine powder. It feels more like the consistency of sand, which I don’t like. Can I run that through a blender for a few minutes (or more?) to get that to a more powdery consistency?

Thank you for any help and advice. I bought enough stuff for a 1 month supply, so I am really hoping to find a way to make this taste/feel at least as good as the Soylent 1.0 that I got for Christmas and have enjoyed so far.


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I have to admit when I first started with People Chow I thought it tasted bad. But my taste buds adjusted and it began tasting like Cheerios.

Getting the pure potassium powder will make a big difference. The filler used in the pills you got is definitely affect off the taste.

The stevia is good once your tongue adjusts to it. When I first started using it in my DIY it had a weird taste and after taste. I stuck with it and that weird taste eventually went away and now all I taste is the sweet. I also recommend adding a 0.25 tsp of cinnamon as well.

Taking a multivitamin on top of the People Chow is unnecessary. Since you are only drinking people chow for 2 meals a day I would recommend a half dose of the vitamin at most.

I too had a problem with the texture of the masa used in the recipe. Fortunately Maseca makes more than one kind of masa harina. Don’t ask me what the difference is but this kind of Maseca is extremely smooth.

As far as the salt goes add it. You are replacing 2/3 of your meals with Soylent. Sodium, Chloride, and Potassium are water soluble and are lost during urination, sweating, and possibly breathing and need to be replace every day. They are vital for proper bodily function and shorting yourself on them isn’t a good idea.


I use an immersion blender to mix it right in the Blender Bottle if I’m making a single serving. Put everything in except the oil (makes it harder to clean blender after mixing) and blend away. Now and the oil and let it sit in the refrigerator for a couple hours. Drinking cold doesn’t help the texture but does make it taste better. I usually make a days worth at a time so I mix in a 2 liter jug. This is the same size as Soylent, but People Chow is much thicker so I have to add water to it.

Lastly, as @horsfield mentions, your taste will adjust. When playing around with the recipe, the first day I would try something new and it I would think there is no way I could drink this. The next day it was fine. I believe my brain figured out that my body was getting what it wanted and changed my taste to match. I know this is true because I am a true fake scientist!


I get my potassium citrate from it doesn’t clump as much as some brands I’ve tried and the company is wicked fast at shipping.


Clumping? What brands/types of potassium have you been trying?


this one tends to clump up requiring breaking up the clumps with a spoon. It’s kinda annoying.


That’s the one I use. You mean it clumps before you add it to the DIY, right? It desolves in water just fine. For me it doesn’t clump more than table sugar.


yes, in the bag it has clumps very much like sugar clumps. It makes mixing up a batch more difficult.


If your looking for advise or other user experience it might help to give bit more detail outside of “tastes bad”. Was texture/mouth feel an issue or was it genuine TASTE that bothered you? what was bad about it? Overly sour? Did it have a chemically/artificial taste? overly bitter? This is the kind of info that helps the most . Also how are you prepping? Are you prepping a days worth at a time in a blender and pouring out meal portions? Or are you perhaps hand mixing a single “meal” at a time in a blender bottle? Is it sitting overnight before you drink it, just a few minutes? All of these things can have a large impact on your end user experience especially with People Chow since you are mixing it from scratch and it is not otherwise homogenous in it’s mix nor have the ingredients had any chance to settle/bond together.

If you are mixing it and drinking immediately, STOP THAT. it’s the worst way to eat people chow. I would at LEAST let it sit refrigerated and mixed no less then an hour and ideally an overnight soak.

If you are hand mixing it or using a bottle blender, again… ouch.

My “idea” prep methodology is this. Bag an entire days worth of ingredients (i.e. whatever your caloric goal is or if you have made any adjustments to the recipe) in a single bag. Dump that bag and water into a blender (the more powerful the better, I use blendtec). Blend that sucker up until it’s velvety smooth. Immediately pour that out into “meals” (I personally use 4 blender bottles because I prefer 4 meals to 3) and then stash those bottles in the fridge overnight.

Moving on from prep - Do you like Cinnamon? I love cinnamon. It doesn’t add calories and I find makes it far more savory (which I prefer to otherwise making it overly sweet with something like stevia). You can also try adding some vanilla extract if thats your thing. I know some folks like adding PB2 but I tried to stick with flavoring agents that don’t add calories. Adding real unsweetened cocoa is another option, again minimal calorie impact and can help with flavor, I eventually found it unnecessary and removed it. I’ve always tried to stay away from sweetening my soylent but thats simply a personal preference.

Finally everyone is different. I never had an issue with People Chow, even from the beginning (again assuming proper prep) but I have several friends who simply can’t stomach the stuff. Most of them are hung up on mouth feel / texture issue as opposed to actual flavor though.

Edited to add: If texture is an issue for you, i.e. grittiness bothers you consider adding Xanthum Gum. It goes along way to improving the “feel” of the end product and can also have the benefit of making it feel “more substantial” as far as being more filling (at least perceptually). A little goes a long way, too much and you get disgusting goo chow.


Just remember, if you’re using cinnamon frequently, use Ceylon rather than Cassia cinnamon to avoid over-intake of coumarin.


Ceylon for sure unless your only adding cinnamon occasionally but if your like me and add a “heaping” spoonful daily then yeah Ceylon for sure… Personally I prefer the aromatics and subdued taste of Ceylon at this point… If anything Cassia now just feels like a cheap thrill, sure it it can be a wild ride but it can also be exhausting to the palette. Ceylon is the much softer spoken brother who you can enjoy having around all the time :smile:

edit to add link: I can personally vouch for this stuff, it’s what I use and have used for the better part of 8 months