People Chow 3.01 Experience [Update: 6/2]


I am a 30+ year old male, with a BMI of 31. I’ve been unable to control my diet down to a low calorie, yet nutritious regimen. Also, I really like the idea of not being a slave to food and food addiction anymore - and to be able to engage with food and gratefully enjoy it on my own terms.

So, I started People Chow 3.01 yesterday. See updates below, newest first.

6/3/2014 (Day 10)

The first week of soylent (People Chow 3.01) has complete exceeded my expectations. I look forward to continuing this. I have not experience any gas, lack of energy, hunger, or cravings.

The social aspects are a bit of a challenge to deal with however. For example, this weekend, I had normal food on a couple occasions: when our family went out to eat, finishing up leftovers (I hate wasting food …), and twice as a guest at someone else’s house. I also like having a meals with my wife, and so I’ve decided that I’ll have ‘normal’ lunch or dinners (one meal) on the weekends with my family.

I felt the effects of ‘normal’ food immediately. The light and satiated feeling I got with soylent was replaced with a (relatively) burdened feeling, and lack of being satiated. It was as if I wanted more - another bite of chicken, one more piece of desert, etc … The heavy feeling of food wasn’t surprising, but the difference in satisfaction and being satiated was.

I told a couple friends about soylent, and they were very interested.

One is an oncologist who is constantly on the road bouncing from clinic to clinic to hospital. He doesn’t get time to eat, and when he does it isn’t as nutritious as he would like. I suggested he try it out when he’s outside the home (breakfast and lunch), and have a normal dinner at home in the evening. He likes the ideal.

The other friend is a single guy in his early 20s who doesn’t know how to cook, is bleeding money eating out all the time, and is unhappy with his unhealthy food intake. His eyes popped when I told him of my experience thus far. “Really, no hunger or cravings!?” He couldn’t believe it. I gave him a bottle of pre-prepared and chilled soylent immediately, and he said he would try it out for lunch the next day. I told him to wait for when he’s really hungry, in order to see how satiated he would feel.

As of yesterday, I have reduced the calories in my preparation to 1690 by reducing the corn flour to 260g. As a side effect, the drink is noticeably thinner. I’m a bit worried that since the drink is not as ‘substantial’ as before, I would not be as satiated as I was before. So far, I’ve had my morning bottle of the 1690 calorie recipe, and I feel fine. I’ll continue to monitor how I’m faring with the lower calorie recipe.

5/28/2014 (Day 5)

So far my experience has been pretty consistent. I still feel just as good as if I had consumed a full day’s worth of good quality food. The exception is that I have all the satisfaction and energy of food, without the heavy feeling that accompanies a traditional meal. It’s a weird feeling to be satiated and not wanting or craving anything, but not to be full at the same time.

Not adding in the soybean oil is turning out to be a real problem. I keep forgetting! There’s no getting around this, I’m just going to have to be more diligent while preparing my bottles, to add the oil in right away.

I’ve noticed that I’ve been urinating more frequently, probably due to drinking 4 28oz bottles a day, along with my normal drinking of water. Nothing odd about the urine or feeling, just noticed I need to go another one or two times a day.

I’ve also lost a couple of pounds so far, though at this point it’s likely to be mainly water weight. I am weighing myself twice a day, once at night, and once in the morning - and will continue to track my progress. I intend to maintain a steady weight loss. I’ve considered reducing the corn flour by 100g or so to reduce the calories to ~1700. But I don’t want to change anything for the first week or two, in order to establish a baseline.

All in all, this is going much better than i expected. The lack of hunger or cravings is amazing, the convenience of preparing several days worth of meals in minutes is very welcome, and the accompanying weight loss is an exciting prospect for me.

5/26/2014 (Day 3)

Today is my third day of an exclusive People Chow 3.01 diet (I’ve had half of my soylent for the day so far). I didn’t realize it till now, but I haven’t been putting the required soybean oil in my drinks. I had originally planned on mixing in the oil immediately before consuming each serving - but I totally forgot about it. From now on, I’ll mix the oil in as I make each serving and place in the fridge.

My approach has been to treat soylent as food, and thus split my intake of it thruout the day. I figured I’m too used to the cycle of hunger-intake-hunger-intake-hunger-intake to radically change that by sipping on soylent thurout the whole day. I’ve decided on 4 servings a day. My workdays typically start around 6:15am, and end with me going to bed by 10:45pm or so. I didn’t want to have anything close to my bedtime, so I planned on my last serving at 8:30pm. With a 4.5hr interval, here are the times I came up with: 7am, 12:30pm, 4pm, 8:30pm.

I’ve had a headache every now and then in the past couple of days, but I’m not sure if I can attribute it to soylent. I am a long time sufferer of migraines and cluster headaches, and there are a variety of triggers. In either case, I will keep a close watch on the effects on my headaches.

Energy level wise I feel no different than on those days when I ate well during a day. However, how often did I actually have the time and motivation to eat well … certainly not daily. This, I see, as a great benefit of soylent. No time spent thinking what to eat, psyching myself up to cook, or worrying about finishing the food in the fridge so that my family always has good fresh cooked food to eat. Just grab a bottle, and go.

5/24/2014 (Day 1)

I was pretty excited to start, and was honestly a bit worried that my excitement would distort my impressions on day 1.

I made one days worth of powder (without the oil), distributed into 4 servings, and made 2x28oz blender bottles of the drink together with cool tap water. I put one in the fridge, and drank one as-is (around 11am). Oh yeah, I put the oil in right before I drank it.

The taste was surprisingly decent. Almost neutral with a light tortilla flavor. The texture was acceptable too. However, I felt the grittiness of the corn flour scrape against my throat as I swallowed. After swallowing, there was some residual corn flour in my mouth - but it actually wasn’t that bothersome. The scraping against my throat was perhaps the most annoying thing.

I didn’t have any breakfast, and was pretty hungry by the time I drank my first bottle. Half way thru the bottle, the acute pang of hunger was gone. By the time I finished the bottle, I was no longer hungry, and felt satiated. I thought to myself, “this is totally do-able, I hope what people say about the grittiness going away with some settling time in the fridge…”

I had the second bottle approximately 4 hours after, by the time I was quite hungry. But again, as soon as I downed some of the drink, hunger was eliminated, and food cravings were gone. The bottle was in the fridge during that duration, and I could already feel a significant difference in the grittiness. It still stung my throat a bit, but I was sure that if kept overnight it wouldn’t.

The third bottle was downed later in the night. Same story. I was pretty hungry by the time it came around to drinking it, but after going thru 1/2 of the bottle, my hunger had subsided and food cravings were off my mind.

I didn’t have the 4th bottle as it was already late, and I wanted to sleep early. I don’t intend on doing this in the future. It’s just that I got to a late start on the first day (started at 11am). One benefit of leaving one bottle, was that I would be able to see what it’s like to keep it in the fridge overnight.

All in all, a very successful 1st day of DIY Soylent (People Chow 3.01). The experience has only increased my motivation to press forward with an exclusive Soylent diet.

Stay tuned for daily updates!


Thanks for the update! I’d suggest one change, though. Can you change the subject/tag from “Soylent Experiences” to “DIY”? I think that the Soylent Experiences tag is for official Soylent.


They’re using it for both Soylent and soylent. Julio moved @vanclute’s thread to the new catagory.


Been eating People Chow for about 2 months now off and on. I enjoy the taste and even crave the flavor when I’m hungry now and then, but the grainy texture got really old after a month or so. The only reason I still use it for meals is the convenience factor(I replace maybe 25% of my meals with it).

If the official Soylent is smoother with a little more neutral flavor I’ll be really happy. Frankly I’ve gotten used to the convenience and am really looking forward to something a little easier to gulp down. After a couple months the grittiness of the Masa in People Chow has just bugged me more and more.


I started with People Chow (modified to 2500 calories and to add Raw Milk, which has been going to waste at my house. The nutrition information is just for Whole Milk, so you could easily convert to it) and used Tamale Masa the first day. It was miserable. The Masa was hugely gritty, but I did it. The second day I bought a bag of Maseca and it was so much better (probably a 10x improvement). I decided I could deal with that, but before that I had ordered oat flour and Maltodextrin to try out because I didn’t know the grain size difference would be so big. It went from drinking grains to silt, but I still didn’t love it. Also I scratched my throat just downing masa at the bottom of my cup.

I made a batch with Maltodextrin, (Carbo Gain) and oat flour and about 1/4th of the Masa. This was more like it! (Another 10x better) I want to adjust the ratio of oat flour up slowly to hopefully avoid gastro issues people on Soylent have been experiencing.
Yesterday I mixed up a new batch ( which is just so much better. Sometimes it tastes like chocolate, but most of the time it is just masking the Masa flavor which I don’t really like too much. I don’t mind the Masa at these quantities and I think I’ll keep going with this until I get the official Soylent.

The iron is slightly low, so if I were not eating one meal a day of regular food, I would push the oat flour quantity up faster, but since I am, I’m not worried about that. The smaller amounts of Malto and Oat flour are expensive per day, but I didn’t want to sink too much more money into this. Be careful about the dregs of the container, the Masa settles into that and you really don’t want to drink the Masa without enough liquid. If you do find this at the bottom of your bottle, just add more water and finish it up.

Good luck. I’m really starting to get past the difference in feeling satisfied with soylent and feeling full with regular food. Today ended up being almost entirely soylent mostly because there just wasn’t enough of the breakfast or dinner we had for the whole family and it was nice to just be able to say “No problem, I’ve got my meal, you eat the steak.”


I’ve been eating People Chow 3.0.1 off and on for months, I find that indeed the grittiness is lessened by putting it in the fridge overnight, but I also find that it is also lessened by mixing it for an extended period of time before consumption. I usually shake it and slowly rock it back and forth to let the blenderball go up and down and up and down, then shake again, etc. for a good 5 minutes, and it’ll be significantly smoother. I wonder how it would be if it were blended in one of those single-serving blenders? I’m too lazy to have to clean that, though… haha.


Updated. See the first post.


I had a very mild headache off and on during my first few days as well. I think it is probably the potassium and possibly vitamin A hitting concentrations your body isn’t used to. It passed after about day 3 for me (twice a day for me). I’d assume your urine is pretty yellow which indicates you are flushing the extra B vitamins.

The oil thing is a big deal though. It’s part of the reason I prefer to mix up a whole batch at once and then fill my thermos bottles and take them with me (of course I’m not on People Chow 3.0.1 anymore so my mix is different). You need the contents of the oil.

Awesome that you are finding it pretty easy to stick with it. I found by about day 5 the not being full thing stopped being as weird. (I’m on day 9 now I guess)


Indeed, it is yellow with a tinge of green. I was starting to wonder why. Thanks!


Updated 6/2. See the first post.


Glad to hear things are going well for you!

BTW, have you noticed the same side effect I have? I can’t pick a restaurant to eat at when my family is going out, and when we do pick one, I have a REALLY hard time deciding what on the menu that I want to eat. I don’t crave anything on the menu so nothing seems particularly desirable. And I know they will all taste good, but I really don’t want one of them over the other. So I literally have to think about what flavors I want to taste and try to pick for that (or read their flavor text and decide which seems the most compelling). It’s a weird situation and my wife just doesn’t understand.

I am not desperate for conventional food, but, like many others, I find it enjoyable to eat. But it is a more abstract enjoyment. An appreciation for the flavor and texture, but not so much in getting what my body needs.


Not really, if I’m asked what food I would like to eat right now, I still remember enough about food to be able to say what I would like. I’m also not a very picky eater, and my idea of good eatin’ are leftovers :slight_smile: . So, my experience my not apply.

This, I can relate with. I experienced it over the weekend when I had regular food on a few occasions. I enjoyed it, but … I also enjoy my soylent. I love food, I like the taste of food - but I don’t crave it anymore. That, on its own, is amazing and makes this totally worth it. The release from the need to have food … transformed into the choice to have food. This was one of the things I hoped to get out of soylent. So far, so good.