(People Chow) Soybean oil causing migraines. Need help finding alternative

I have been using this from the people chow 3.0.1 recipe. I have made some adjustments to the recipe to fit my needs bit I have discovered that anything over about 25g of the soybean oil per day causes migraines. I have a basic understanding of how to make the recipe editor work and adjust things. I just just have no clue where to look. Are there any oils that fit a similar profile? Ideally, I’d like to minimize extra but if I need to add a supplement as well as switching oils that is fine. I am ok with keeping some of the soybean oil but I would prefer to replace it altogether. What oils do you recommend and where do I go to find their nutrient profiles.

Thank you for your time!

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I tried a couple things a settle on canola oil. I used People Chow while waiting for a no “death fart” version of Soylent so I wasn’t too worried about long time usage.

Im a fan of avocado oil


Oh wow. That’s actually pretty close when plugged in the canola. I just need to add a bit of vitamin k.

It has less omega 6 but I feel the omega numbers are off anyway so it ends up being where I prefer it.

As a super bonus it’s crazy cheap. I can get six times as much for the price of the soybean oil. Thanks!

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How does Avocado taste? Can you tell a difference? I imagine it to be pretty yummy.

It has a mild nutty flavor. No idea if you can taste the difference. Only your tongue will tell.

The canola oil is working great for me. It’s been over a week with no issues. I just added a vitamin K supplement. It’s actually powder in capsules so I just open the capsule and add the powder to my usual powder. It only need about 1/2 a capsule per day. I am really thankful for the suggestion. The canola oil has saved me poor head. Thank you so much!

Great. I lived on People Chow for a long time. Basically up until Soylent 2.0 came out which was the first fart free version of Soylent for me. If Soylent 1.7 doesn’t work out for me, I might just go back to DIY.

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