People Chow vs. Hacker School


I have been on a couple variations of People Chow for 3 weeks now…its going well…feelin alright

Running low on some ingredients and getting ready to reorder… Before I buy a bunch of masa and whey I thought id look into the other popular recipe (Hacker School)…Seems pretty cool…Im a fan of the coco and the brown sugar…though ive gotten used to my bland kinda corn taste…

Has anyone tried both recipes? could you comment on the difference? With my limited experience the only difference I understand is that Oat based recipes could cause some serious Gas issues and that brown sugar might make it so yummy that i will finish my soylent too early in the day and get hungry…

Other than that…is there any more insight anyone could offer on People Chow vs. Hacker School recipes?



I have not tried People Chow, but Hacker School was a heavy influence when I wrote my original recipe. Also, I have always used Masa rather than oats.

I have a few variations, but this one uses both Masa and Whey, so it may help you mix up a days batch with some of the ingredients you have on hand already, at least you might be able to get an idea if it’s worth pursuing different ingredients for Hacker School. Don’t worry too much about hitting all the micros if your just looking for a taste test. Just use what you have on hand and substitute as needed for oils, etc.


I’m not sure if you mean this in regards to the Hacker School recipe or the People Chow recipe … but in case you haven’t already seen it, I modded People Chow to include cocoa and brown sugar. If you haven’t tried it already, you should, it makes it taste a lot better:

If this is what you were already referring to, however, just disregard this. :smile:


the flavor is just a sidenote…i meant to compare the 2 as far as nutrition and effects on the body.

im fine with my soylent not having any flavors…if i did add flavor I would definetly need to account and make sure it all added up…

Thanks for responding, this comment:
“I have no idea what this does to the nutritional content or if it makes it any more unhealthy for you, but I didn’t remove anything, so I’m assuming it’s still fine.”

makes this a disregard :smile:

I have thrown some coco in my last meal of the day now and then…but wouldnt make that part of my mix…thanks anyway…just was thinking of trying a different recipe and wanted some feedback…thanks anyway