People should distinguish between DIY Soylent and official Soylent


There are many threads here which discuss various DIY Soylent recipes yet almost every time it’s simply being called “Soylent”. It won’t be long before the official Soylent will be circulating and this will obviously cause some confusion. One recent thread talks about Soylent and sleeping needs. I find the topic very interesting but which recipe are we talking about? Is anybody else with me on this one?


Usually, soylent is the DIY and Soylent is Rob’s product.

And Muggle meal is the name for (S|s)oylent free meal.


Yup, it’s convention to capitalize the official product, Soylent. DIY is soylent, with a small s.


Yep, as other folks have pointed out… Capital S is the official product and lowercase s is the DIY version.

Agree it can be confusing, especially in the case of soylent being the first word in a sentence and a lack of conformity from supporters. Is there a better convention we should suggest to the company?


Cool, thanks for clearing that up everyone, for some reason I didn’t pick up on this!


Maybe ignore proper convention or have a special case where you add ‘(DIY)’ after it?
Soylent (DIY) … || soylent …


Except this is the soylent discourse aite founded and perused by all the do it yourselfers who didnt want to wait…a year? We’ll see.

We do a pretty good job of answering questions when they come up


My own head-convention was to say “DIY soylent” explicitly at the start of a sentence. Example sentence follows. DIY soylent is harder to make than Soylent.

ETA: By the way, the original thread is here.


I have been confused by this several times on the forum and replied thinking they were talking about regular Soylent only to find out it was DIY. But I’m a bit more careful now and try and figure it out first. Also if the thread is marked as DIY then of course it’s soylent.


You could also refer to the DIY soylent as “the one with Vitamin D3”


Oh snap! Throwing down the gauntlet! :slight_smile: :wink: