People Think I'm The Robot from 'Alien!'


Hi Everyone!

I just started my soylent 1.5. Today is day 5 of complete soylent food replacement. I did not slowly incorporate the soylent into my diet. I simply started eating soylent instead. I eat 1500 calories per day as I am relatively inactive at my corporate jobs. I am experiencing no negative effects, feel full and actually I have more energy and feel like it’s easier to wake up in the morning.

I work 3 jobs, two of which are full time so this food option makes so much sense to me! However, I have to say, people think I’m nuts for doing this. My family is plotting an ‘intervention’ I just know it. My coworker told me I’m like “Ash” the biological robot from the film Alien. The guy full of the white liquid?

I just wanted to know what you guys had to say about how people react to soylent socially. I’m getting a lot of friction which makes me want to keep it to myself, to be honest. I really enjoy it and think It’s something I’m going to continue! (monthly subscription!)



I laugh about it and freely admit how bizarre it is to eat my 50% Soylent diet. Let’s face it, it is a pretty bizarre thing to do, so why not admit that and have fun? But I point out it’s been working great for me at the same time.


I’d say something like sure it seems weird, but it’s just as much of a food as anything else. Imagine how strange the first blended food must’ve seemed. Or the first powdered food. How bizarre was powdered milk when it first hit the market? Something like that. Maybe it’s a school yard bully mentality. Where if you show you’re not phased by the “teasing”, that you don’t find it weird then they won’t find it weird either.


Considering Alien and Aliens are amazing, I think it’s a compliment!


Was that definitely because of the Soylent? You weren’t trying to suffocate another co-worker with a magazine at the time, were you?

Oh @Conor, you’re just like Carter Burke.


I saw Aliens before Alien, so I always think of Bishop.

Don’t try this at home:


Do the knife trick. :smirk:


I am amazed you Americans can have 3 jobs at the same time, specially 2 full time jobs. That fact alone makes you a robot to me :smiley: (I realize many Americans have multiple jobs)


At first my coworkers thought I was nuts. But now the CEO is also a Soylent user (breakfast and lunch). When we brought in some engineering interns a few months ago, one actually came to the interview in a Soylent t-shirt.


I could never understand why would Soylent lead to workplace shaming. How nosy are your coworkers ? No one noticed what I was sipping out of anonymous steel bottle, it could be water. The time it takes to drink it is also nothing compared to traditional lunch, I don’t think anyone noticed the bottle to begin with.


To be honest I’m drinking it from a clear green bottle marked with the “SOYLENT” sticker given to me in the shipment. Probably my fault there! hahaha


haha! well it sort of just happened that way. I asked to quit one and they politely asked me to stay. So I did, fool that I am.


I am curious though. How many hours a week is that? (I average at 37 hours a week, with a decent pay of $27/hour). Most of the time when I hear about Americans having 2-3 jobs, it is because they need that many jobs just to cover living expenses.


All together? Between 70hrs and 90hrs, depending on the schedules.


For all the mock americans get (by american TV shows surprisingly) for being obsessed with nothing but entertainment like sitting on the couch all day in front of the TV and with junk food, we dont end up knowing they are in reality a very hard working people. We got to hand it over to them.


Wouldn’t have to work as hard if the rich people weren’t telling the middle class to blame the poor people for the state of things. To which I say, “What middle class?” lol


Meh, I’m in professional services, which means I’m typically hired by and report to executives or owners but then spend all my time at their company interacting with their employees and I’ve never seen anything that even kind of resembles this class-war myth that’s become so popular the last few years.


I like to say “I like it because it’s like science fiction, that’s real, that you can get, that works!”

Otherwise I’m pretty used to being weird and its like a friendly joke. The other day I was chugging some of my thermos and a co-worker stared and said: “Mmmm… Soylent nom…”