People who've tried Soylent and Ensure


I picked up a six pack of Ensure Plus today. I couldn’t handle the gas from Soylent, and I really want to have an easy snack/meal to replace the occasional meal, or have in between meals to keep my food intake up. (Been lifting weights etc) Most all protein powders and “weight Gainers” cause me gas. @Vicc said in another thread that he lived on Ensure Plus for two months and didn’t have ANY gas. I’m wondering if there are any other folks who are gas free on Ensure Plus, but get gas from Soylent.

I’m going to have my first one today…


Why haven’t you tried DIY? If you don’t feel like making it yourself you can get it from the DIY market easily enough. I’ve been on DIY for 9 months and no gas issues until I tried Soylent. I am pretty sure that Ensure is not a good solution for a food replacement. It might not be too bad for an occasional meal replacement. There are just too many good DIY alternatives that are 100% nutritionally complete,


I did DIY in the beginning. I found all the weighing and measuring of ingredients a chore, and none of the ones I tried tasted good or had good texture. Basically nothing was nearly as good of an imbibing experience as official Soylent.


If you are anywhere near a Costco you might try their “Kirkland Complete Nutrition Shake”. Lots less sugar than Ensure and IMO it tastes pretty good. Vanilla flavored. Don’t know if there is any other flavor available.


Have you tried Schmoylent? I think that’s @axcho 's diy, and from what I’ve heard it’s probably the most similar to official Soylent out of the other homebrew projects people usually talk about, save for a couple of minor details (like the elimination of explosive gas). Someone should correct me if I’m wrong on that, though.

EDIT: Hell, if 1.2 hits me as hard as 1.0 did those first couple of weeks I might even try Schmoylent. That said, Ensure Plus has the best macronutrient profile I’ve seen out of the Ensure product line. It’s probably more expensive than a Soylent or Schmoylent, but as far as health goes you’ll be just fine using it as an occasional replacement - even if it doesn’t have ALL of the nutrients you need, it can’t be any worse than any ‘real’ food. The downside is that about 40% of its carbohydrate comes from simple sugars, but if you’re using it as a pre-workout boost then that should be just fine.


I’d be really wary of using Ensure Plus for anything, frankly. It has 20g of sugar per bottle. That’s almost all of your recommended daily intake in just one serving. Good luck losing weight and staying healthy on a diet of Ensure.


I am an alchoholic, , or alcoholic or whatever combination needed for security. I have no idea what to eat, since genuflecting to protocol. I have alcohol available and still a-cuse, for alcohol still available for all these moves…


Well I’ve been drinking an Ensure Plus before all my workouts for the past month or so and have to say I like this product. I expected to get sugar crashes from drinking it, but I don’t. I also drink one on my non lifting days, and sometimes have another as an in between meal snack. I can’t imagine an easier way to get 350 “healthy” calories into my body. I’m finding this stuff helpful for my ectomorph system. Note, I can’t stomach the vanilla flavor, and I avoid chocolate because it gives me palpitations like too much caffeine does, so I’m drinking the strawberry flavor. (Note, the chocolate is the tastiest of the three, but it’s also slightly higher in sugar) I noticed a bit of gas the first few days but my body has adjusted this stuff pretty well. (I also have a serving of psyllium husk everyday) And this stuff gives me really good energy for my workouts.

@mathew, weight loss is definitely not my goal.

And @Sharhanna, I don’t belong to Costco, and I haven’t seen the Kirkland brand anywhere else. I found it hard to find a nutrient/ingredient label online, but maybe I didn’t look hard enough.


Well, it’s not just weight that’s the issue with sugar. The science seems to increasingly suggest that sugar is the cause of heart disease as well as Alzheimer’s.


Not to mention that one can have metabolic syndrome without being overweight.


@hongr Do you have anything to add to this thread?


First of all I am not your average soylent user. I belong to 4 gyms and am a runner too. I ran 5 races last year, one 5K, two 10K and 2 half marathon’s, 2 weeks apart. I am also a Certified Professional trainer and got Certified in 2002. However I do not train anyone.

With that said I usually go to 2 gyms at a time. One gym to run 20 min on the track and then another one afterwards to do 45 min of heavy weigh training.

When I use to train for full marathon’s (26.2 miles) I would train with ensure and red bull and later rock star instead of red bull when it came out, because it was much stronger. I did my first full marathon when I was 52 and my last when I was 57. I am 64 now. I always eat a full meal before I do my training.

If I drink soylent before I go to the gym I do not think that I would last through my heavy weight training in the second gym. I actually eat a full meal, lean chicken, mung beans, rice and frozen vegetables before I work out. When I go home from the 2 gyms, I would drink a glass of soylent, since I am hungry. After that I would take a shower and the eat a light meal before going to bed.

I ordered a shipment of schmoylent because I heard that it fills you up when you drink it, I will test it. Soylent does not fill me up when I drink it and someone said to drink water after you drink soylent to fill you up on a blog here. Soylent never gave me gas and I basically drink it when I do not have time to cook or get hungry at night. If I drink more than 2 ensures a day it makes me go to the bathroom.

Maybe I said too much on this thread.


We got a regular Jack Lalanne over here.