People's Chow 3.x fork tastes awful (Any ideas to improve taste?)



I’ve forked and created a recipe here:

I’m on my second batch of soylent. My first batch tasted fine, but was missing a single ingredient (Choline Bitartrate).

After adding the Choline Bitartrate to a batch last night, I’m having it this AM (just added water) and it tastes AWFUL. It’s extremely bitter – I really can’t digest it – it tastes bad.

Any ideas how I can improve this? Additionally, this particular fork is very grainy/sandy.

Any feedback appreciated,


Why so much? I put 1.2g in mine and you are well over 100% of your Choline? But I’m not sure, I left People Chow behind over the Masa quite awhile ago (I couldn’t take the siltiness.)


Hello TegidTathal,

Thanks for the feedback. I’m at 2g because the original recipe had that. I’ve dropped to 1g. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

Yeah, the Masa is VERY silty. Might have to use something else. Thanks again.


Choline tastes terrible. I recommend taking it in pill form.

One of those pills per day should be sufficient. Even if it doesn’t quite take you to 100% of the RDA, so many food products have unlisted choline (such as from soy lecithin, which is ubiquitous) that I wouldn’t worry too much about it.


I’ve seen several people use the soy lecithin in their DIY’s for choline.


As best I can see, the USDA does not have an RDA for choline and lumps it in with the B vitamins. Allegedly if you eat whatever provides B vitamins, you will also get enough choline. Whether this is true or not I do not know, and it appears neither does anyone else.

Combined with the fact many products do not list it, good luck figuring out how much of it is in anything other than choline supplements.

One other important point: choline is water-soluable. Like other water-soluable vitamins you will simply pee it out if you consume too much and are well-hydrated and are below the toxicity level which tends to be high for water-soluable nutrients. So I would err on the high side. Even adding 50% of the supplement’s recommended dose to your Soylent should provide plenty when combined with whatever is in the multi-vitamin of choice for any particular recipe.