Perfect Chocolate Soylent? Yup

I use Chocolate Cashew Silk drink as my liquid base with one scoop Soylent in a large Magic Bullet Blender cup(Your blender will do just fine). Just try this once and you wont be disappointed.

To answer the first question most people on the forum are going to have about this:


I like two tbsp of Hershey’s Dark Cocoa Powder in a pitcher.

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I do 3 tbsp of the exact same per pitcher. It adds like 30 kcal, 3g of fiber, and a few mg of iron and not much else (from memory), so it doesn’t have the additional nutritional value to consider like using the cashew milk base.

I never got into these “nut milks” but I was a little surprised to see a lot of sugar and very little protein compared to traditional 2% milk.

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Ah yes, no wonder…the sugar. I think the sugar was what made the transition to soylent that much easier… I will see if I can transition to the more healthy option of just the Cocoa Powder as well. Thank you for sharing Casssax and Gambit.

Do you use water or milk as a liquid base?

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Thank you for saying this. :joy:


@Unknownhand I use water for the base.

@AgentSpiff I do what I can.