Perks of a Soylent diet


Repurpose your unused kitchen cupboards as bookshelves.

Post your own Soylent perks.


Yes I found that consuming Soylent really makes it easier for me to stuff my Kindles etc. with thought provoking literature.

  1. Being more nourished than 80% of the American population
  2. Far less to zero worry about how you will pack as much nutrition in your day as you can as time allows.
  3. Far less garbage needs to be thrown out daily.


Looking forward to getting something in the mail every month

  1. Building up a resistance/tolerance to mold.
  2. Finding out that I like the taste of people.



Being able to consume food without also consuming cat hair


I feel like this speaks to a more fundamental problem


Everything in my fridge that isn’t cheese is in bottles.


You have cheese? Rookie! That’s more solids than my fridge.


Cheese is possibly the most important element in the periodic table. Please pay it due respect.


Have you got two layers of beer in your refrigerator?


It was pointed out elsewhere that that stuff is not alcoholic.


pfft I’ve got 3 (it was 5 a few days ago). haha The only solid food in my fridge is cheese and condiments (if those count, IDK), and someone else’s ham + casserole (the 2 women I live with ran out of fridge room this xmas, lol).


This is the part I want to hear more about.


That’s another perk entirely, nothing to do with Soylent. I’m not going to derail this thread.


I had my first batch of soylent a few nights ago. I didn’t find any to pick/spit out, but I still have no doubt there was cat hair in it. The house belongs to my cat; I’m just her live-in servant.

EDIT because I should at least try to be on-topic: The only perk I’ve discovered so far is that I managed to beat my adventurous and health-conscious friend to trying Soylent.


Plot Twist: They’re both his mother-in-laws from his two dead spouses.

What a comedy deathtrap.


That’s what she said!


No one has mentioned the fact that they have ample packing materials? I have been saving the shipping boxes and packing materials (may be moving in June, dunno).


No more dishwashing, just my blender a jar and a big glass.