Persistent nausea and sour taste on tounge


First of all, I have no idea what is causing this. I haven’t been sleeping well, combined with a some fatigue caused by increased only intake, combined with maybe catching some sickness. So I might just be on a low point.

However, I’ve been experiencing a persistent nausea that started on day two of my most recent oil intake and persists to today, despite not adding the oil the last two days (including today).

Starting about yesterday, I’ve been feeling this sour taste on my tongue, similar to how it feels when my Soylent turns rancid. The weird part is it, I’ll notice it even when I’m drinking water from a clean glass,

Has anybody experienced these before? I’m hoping this clears out after a day.


Sounds like a vitamin/mineral OD. Posable??? A little more detail about your experiments in relation to micronutrients, intentional or not, would be helpful… From what I remember from your other posts you where concentrating on the macronutrients. Maybe you accidentally got to much of something without realizing it.


Problem with the waste supply? Try drinking bottled water…


You could have a sinus infection which is affecting your sense of taste.


I get the sour taste when I eat sugary food. I suspect yeast growing on my tongue. One of the reasons I didn’t make Soylent a regular part of my diet.


In light of the responses here, I figured it might be my less than consistent washing habits. On top of my usually only washing it by shaking it with soapy water in it.

I gave both my pitcher and cup a proper scrub, and the sourness disappeared that day.

So remember kids: cleaning your cups is important unless you like having a petri dish for a tongue.


When working with food without preservatives food safety is a must. Always clean then sanitize your equipment.


I know it sounds stupid but I’ve had to explain it someone in person before, but when dealing with something oily (like, say, oil) it can get really hard to clean off plastic. The best way to tell is to rinse the soap off and then rub it with your finger. If it makes a noise (like rubbing a balloon) then it’s clean, if not, still oily.

I bring this up because I too have tried the “shake it like mad with soapy water inside” and then I still have to use a sponge or something to get the oil out. Then again, I also tend to drink recipes with high fat ratios.


I add extra oil to mine, so your advice is applicable. Thank you.


And this is one of the reasons I use glass pitchers and blender bottles…


If you shake with soap inside, it will work, but you have to give it time. Soap will break down oils, but it needs time, because it’s a chemical reaction that… well… takes time.

My process:

  • First thing I clean is the pitcher. Turn it upside down, use sprayer to clean out all visible contents.
  • Then add a squirt of soap in the pitcher, add some hot water, seal, shake and shake and put it down.
  • Wash my drinking glass or other stuff.
  • Shake the pitcher.
  • Put away other things.
  • Shake the pitcher.
  • Turn pitcher upside down and unseal it (hot water pressure will force the soapy water into the crevices.
  • Clean off spout/top of pitcher with soapy sponge, rinse, rinse upside-down with sprayer to get the suds out.

This seems to do the trick; it’s squeaky clean, and I don’t need to scrape the knuckles of my big meaty paws trying to get in there.

(My bottle brushes are currently in storage.)