Personal hopes with Soylent

So I am receiving my Soylent shipment today. I am pretty excited and have fairly high hopes for the good it will do to my body. I had a hysterectomy about a month ago, due to Essure (it’s a very bad birth control) which really pounded my body in every way possible. I had horrible abdominal pain that made me stop driving last Christmas, full body hives (with no rhyme or reason as I have no allergies and never had hives in my life), weakened teeth (some are cracked), brain fog, and general fatigue that made it hard just to get through the day. I am only 24, and was mostly healthy before I had the Essure done in 2012. The problems did not start occurring until after I started going to a chiropractor last May. From my own logical opinion, I believe that the chiropractor straightened out my nervous system that is connected to my reproductive system (L5, L4) and because it could act normally again, it went haywire over the Essure, knowing that it should not have been in my body. Needless to say, here I am, post hysterectomy, and still dealing with hives (although not anywhere near as bad as prior to surgery) and my digestive system is not back to normal after all the antibiotics that was pumped into me. Fatigue is really a problem now, although that is normal and part of the healing process.
But I used to do Crossfit, bike 20 miles a day, and live in a very rural area. Now I struggle to lift 40 lbs; like all my muscle is gone. Weight loss since 2012 has been nearly impossible. I used to be 150 lbs at 5’ 7" but ballooned up to 200 lbs without any diet and exercise change within 4 months after getting Essure. I was able to get down to 180 lbs without any fluctuation over the past 4 years. After surgery however, I dropped 10 lbs overnight (literally), and desire to lose more from here on. This weekend was my first time on a bike in a long time, and so far, the best exercise that I can do without drowning in fatigue is walking.

So there’s the backstory; pretty much 6 straight months of misery. I no longer feel like me anymore, and I want to clear my body of all these toxins on top of getting myself back on my feet. My diet fluctuated from Paleo prior to surgery to snacky foods post surgery since my husband cannot cook and I couldn’t eat much anyways. I plan to do 2 Soylent meals with vegetables/fruits. I plan on consuming about 12-1400 calories a day (I was consuming 1600 while crossfitting, and cannot physically get back on that yet). I used to drink a lot of whey protein (and still do for a meal replacement), so liquid food doesn’t scare me in the least. It’s mind over matter. I still plan on taking all my supplements while on Soylent (fish oil, glucosamine, etc), so nothing will be missed in theory. As for the hives, I hope that they lessen as time goes on, as I connect them to the PET fibers that were on Essure. PET has been known to cause autoimmune issues, and there’s a chance some of the PET is still in my body to which I hope to “flush” out. I usually drink about 3/4-1 gallon of water a day (I have a 32 oz steel bottle that I can’t live without).

So for anyone who has gone through any kind of surgery, did getting into Soylent post surgery help you? How did you get back on your feet post surgery? For anyone with “unexplained” hives, did Soylent help? Any advice for a complete Soylent noob like myself?

I’ve never had major surgery, but my advice to you is to not expect Soylent to be a miraculous cure for much of anything. It’s good nutrition that is affordable and easy to prepare and consume, but that’s about all it is. It might or might not cure your hives; if it does, that’ll be great. It might or might not help you feel better. But it sounds like you’ve been through an awful lot and I wouldn’t expect Soylent to do anything more than making it a little bit easier for you to eat healthy.


I don’t expect it to be a cure all (if anything was a cure all, the whole world would be pouncing on it). But for getting the post surgery toxins out of my body, and establishing a better homeostasis through my diet is the best step forward I can take towards my health. What you eat has a huge impact on how your body works, so if I can completely control that variable, it will allow me to narrow down other problem areas that my body is dealing with. If anything, to confidentaly tell doctors that there is nothing in my diet that is causing the hives (the doctors I have went to all say it’s food, without wanting to test me or anything) My hives being gone is only a hope.
I did not feel a need to express the exorbitant amounts of research I have done on Essure prior to my hysterectomy (information that doctors withheld from me in the beginning) and all the research of healing post surgery since I’ve never had surgery before. Diet is key with any change the body undergoes, and my hopes for Soylent is merely to help improve my condition. I don’t expect to be 110% 3 days in, nor do I feel like I should give up after 1 month if I don’t lose weight (because honestly that’s the least of my worries). I just want my muscles back, and muscle messes with BMI (before Essure, I was often told by doctors I am teetering on obesity, which is preposterous because I was very toned.) Muscle is denser than fat.

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If your going for muscles, you’ll want some extra protein. Soylent provides a baseline nutrition, but you’ll still want some of your whey as your “exercise” calories.