Personal Recipe - Based off Poor mans Recipe


I decided to try out soylent finally, and started with the poor mans recipe. I had a dietition look over it and she mentioned that it’s low in calories but everything else seems ok.

I looked over the recommendations of the USDA for my weight (300lbs) and cut it by 1000 calories (that’s the most you’re supposed to cut to lose fat rather than muscle) and here’s what I came up with:

Poor Mans Recipe (you can find the amounts on the maker site):

  • Serious Mass Powder
  • Alive Multivitamins ounce
  • Potassium Gluconate
  • Iron Supplement
  • Calcium Magnesium
  • Olive oil
  • Monosodium Phosphate
  • Choline
  • Methylsulfonylmethane (i think this was added)

Stuff I added to balance it out for me:

  • Psyllium Husk powder - 4.5 tsp - The fiber was too low.
  • Peanut Butter Powder - 6 tbsp - I got chocolate and normal, this is mainly a flavor enhancer but adds good protein (135 calories, 18 carbs, 12 protein, 3 fat)
  • Whey Protein Powder - 2 scoops (9 tbsp) My protein needed to come up a bit, 240 calories, 18 carbs, 40 protein, and 2 fat
  • More Olive oil - 3 tbsp, 1tsp per day (total, not added to above, replacing above) - 400 calories, 47 fat
  • Carmel Vanilla Coffeemate - 3-4 tsp a day, 60 calories, 9 carbs, 3 fat

Grand Totals:

  • Calories Rec - 2124, actual - 2172
  • Carb Rec - 239g-345g, actual - 317g
  • Protein Rec - 53g-186g, actual - 102g
  • Fat Rec - 47g-83g, actual - 59g

These recommendations come from USDA’s recommendation of 3124 calories based on my life style, 45-65% calories from carb, 10-35% calories from protein, and 20-35% calories from fat. I’m not sure however if my vitamins are supposed to change with weight or not, still need to discuss with my dietition.


note - this is for the “snickers” flavored shake, with chocolate, peanut butter, and carmel added. It’s really good. i’ll be making more recipes as i go along, I hope to find 20 or so that i like so that things never get boring.

I’m also adding the powder stuff to the olive oil that will turn the olive oil into a powder so the whole thing can just be in a bag and I just need to add water.


do you have this in another format? wheres your vitamin K coming from?


@HarveyDesu mentioned that the psyllium powder turns the shake to pudding if left very long after mixing. (THINK it was Harvey, anyway. I know someone did, and as a result removed it from their mix) From what they said, it’s ok if you mix one meal’s worth and drink it then, but if you plan to make a day’s worth at once, it’ll be silly putty by the time dinner bounces around.

Personally, I hate olive oil. Blar. :stuck_out_tongue: Let us know how the ‘snickers’ flavoring works out. That sounds pretty good…


vitamin K is in the multivitamin. Like I mentioned, I’m basically just following the poor mans recipe directly, I just added stuff to bring my protein, fat, and calories up to the right amounts.

The snickers is really good, though the coffeemate is also vanilla, which is a little more powerful than it should be. This is based on a recipe for a body by vi shake (they have 500 something recipes that are really good). The psyllium powder hasn’t been a problem, but I also mix mine as 3 shakes throughout the day, and I add ice to it so it’s kinda a shake anyway.


You are correct, it was me that stated the pudding consistency generated by psyllium.
As long as you are comfortable with the consistency and the soluble fiber isn’t causing digestive distress then you should be good. Personally the psyllium did not work, but I also did not try to adjust the amounts, I just cut it completely out.

Right now I am looking at the acacia fiber to see if I fare better with it.

My version 3 recipe doesn’t have any added flavors to it. So in theory I should be able to adjust the taste as I go. I may try the snickers flavoring that you suggested. Although I will need to make sure that it doesn’t push any of my micro’s out of bounds.


I may have to see if using the PH makes it worse if I don’t drink it immediately. However I blend it with ice, so I really need to drink it as soon as it’s blended. I use the little oasis myblender thing though I wish it was 8-10 oz bigger.

The snickers flavor is one of many, i just wanted to make sure that my calories took into account everything I was adding. You should look up Body by Vi shake flavors, I imagine that many of them would work for us just as well (though soylent has a lot more flavor than the vi shakes). I really want to see what the flavor is like on the real thing, if it can be nearly flavorless then these other shakes would be perfect.