Personal Recipe (Higher Protein and Calories)


Currently I am on a 6,000 calorie diet with around 300 grams of protein. I exercise 4 times a week (Mon - Thurs) all in an effort to sustain my current weight, and to hopefully gain weight. My exercise is mainly lifting weights, but I do go rock climbing twice a week.
I do all of this to maintain my current weight, and to hopefully gain weight. Right now I am about 6’10" at 215 lbs with the metabolism of a hummingbird.

I am completely stoked about Soylent and have already donated, just waiting for it to arrive in August. But alas I am not a very patient person, although maybe Soylent will help with that :wink:
So I have tweaked the “Beginner’s Recipe” from to hopefully fit my needs. Here is the link to what I have created:

Please ignore the price and the days per unit columns as they are now incorrect.

In the end I will be cutting my calories and protein by about half. I am vaguely concerned about this, but I figured I would give it a try. The only thing that I added to the recipe that wasn’t there before was a protein powder that I like which is called Just Protein by IronMind. It is dehydrated milk and eggs and I have a bunch of the stuff, it also has a higher protein to gram ratio than the Whey Gold Standard does.

While most of the numbers are pretty close to the “Rob” numbers, I am a little high on potassium, calcium, and magnesium. While I have looked at Rob’s recipe a bunch of times and read all the blog posts, I have not taken the time to verify the numbers since all of the changes. I am hoping that they are still accurate. Although I did find a lot of inaccurate numbers in the original “Beginner’s Recipe” which I fixed in mine.

Based on how I tweaked the numbers I have about a weeks worth of supplies already. I plan on starting this on June 1st (Saturday) and if all goes well on the weekend, then come Monday I will order the two or three things that I only have a week supply of.

But I wanted to have someone else double check my recipe, just to be on the safe side.

Oh yeah, I did do the whole blood test thing, and everything was pretty much dead center, even though my diet is so bad. My sodium was 1 point high though.

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Seriously? Foh real?


Continuing the discussion from Personal Recipe (Higher Protein and Calories):

Sadly yes. I average around 5,700 calories a day. Eating that much and lifting heavy I can put on about a pound a month, which is really good for me.
As I said I am 6’10" and about 215 pounds with around 15% body fat. I normally sit in between 14% and 16% body fat.

But eating 6K calories sucks. I spend most of my time eating. I can only afford to do it for a couple of months then I have to stop. This is why I am so interested in Soylent. I will be able to dial in exactly what I need, and then suck down around a half dozen shakes a day and I should be good. Or at least I hope that’s what it will take.

My maintenance calories are at around 4,250 calories per day. Which still requires a lot of eating. Doing that I only lose about 1.5 to 2 pounds per month. I can’t drop below 4K a day though.

Several months ago I was traveling in the UK and my diet dropped to around 3K calories a day. In the 17 days that I was traveling I lost 22 pounds. So far I have gained about half of that back.

I have had my Thyroid checked a dozen times, and I have been checked for tape worms and a handful of other things. My Dr. says I am healthy. Yes I got a second opinion as well :stuck_out_tongue:

I made some tweaks to my spreadsheet last night after reading for most of the night. My magnesium is still pretty high, which kind of worries me. Also my calcium is still high.


Alright, after reading more over the last couple of days my paranoia has won out. My calcium was well within tolerable levels, but the magnesium was on the high side. I read several studies on magnesium intake and there is a lot of info out there that magnesium intake should be based on your body weight. If I calculated my weight into the formula I would be at the max with the magnesium. Because of this I decided it would be safer to just cut the Calcium / Magnesium tablets in 2 and just take half a day. That should put me at a safe dosage, although slightly under what Rob was recommending.

I also did some calculations based on for the protein. While I never did figure out the exact sulfur percentage for Cystine I did the calculations on 39% sulfur content. This allowed me to decrease my MSM to half a scoop.

I then did some reading on the nootropics and decided to order some Noopept, but it won’t be here until late next week.

I feel comfortable with all of my numbers now, and am ready for Saturday. In fact I can’t wait to begin.

I will monitor my body weight and body fat daily. I will try to keep a journal of how I feel and my state of mind daily as well. After the first 9 days I will go in and have my blood tested again to make sure my numbers are still good.

If you see anything wrong with my recipe please let me know.


Calcium still looking a little high imo… but Calcium it is a peculiar one (as you basically need to eat dairy to get the RDA, and we mostly evolved without eating dairy ;)). I spent forever on trying to get the calcium RDA without dairy, its almost impossible to get beyond half way :smiley:

I wouldn’t go over on Potassium either, no real evidence for that (the UL doesn’t seem to exist) but it is quite difficult to get the RDA from regular foods and overdoing Potassium doesn’t sound like the best party in the world so would err on the side of caution myself (though I don’t think you will run into a problem with it just over RDA) - I haven’t successfully even made my own recipe yet though, so my opinions might not count for much :wink:

Which blood tests did you get done / will you get done? - looking forward to seeing your results as you seem to be taking the monitoring quite seriously.

Your metabolism sounds insane (though you are super tall, so maybe different rules apply? ;))


Thanks for the advice SaladFace.

I am not too concerned about the calcium as I normally consume abhorrent amounts of dairy anyways.

I will check on the potassium though. I should be able to drop it by a teaspoon and decrease that number. I don’t have time now to do the calculation, but I will after work today. In theory that will put me slightly lower than the Rob row.

I will also create a spreadsheet that contains my normal diet when I have a little time. I am a little OCD so it will be fairly small as I only eat around 6 or 7 different things.

Also, since I have been asked a couple of times, I created a spreadsheet of my blood work:

That was done on May 21st. My next one will probably be on June 9th.
I will also create a spreadsheet that contains my weight and body fat. I will need to go dig my scale that calculates body fat out of…hmmm…well where ever I stored it.


Great :slight_smile: - Sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium, magnesium there. Nice to see if anything happens with some of the other markers as well.

9 days might be a little soon to see any changes though, are you planning to test again later? (or is it a case of trying the soylent for a short time first to see if its viable? :))


Sweet, thank you very much for reviewing my recipe. I feel a whole lot better now knowing a second pair of eyes looked at it.

The 9 days was just some arbitrary number I threw out. I figure for the first month or two I would get 3 or 4 blood tests done just to be safe.

My goal is to have Soylent replace my current diet permanently. Although I am vaguely concerned about the taste. I am an extremely picky eater now, so I will probably go to great lengths to adjust the taste properly.

I am also looking forward to some of the other effects of having a healthier diet:

  1. Regulate my metabolism better so that I can gain some weight
  2. Help to cure insomnia (I usually only get between 2 and 4 hours of sleep a night)
  3. Help to focus my mind better, maybe add some clarity.
  4. Give me a steady supply of energy throughout the day rather than having peaks and valleys.

I do way better with quantifiable numbers than with less tangible things. So keeping track of my blood tests, weight, body fat, and how much sleep I get will be easy. Trying to monitor my energy, clarity or over all health will be a little more difficult for me. I would rather be abstract about the info that I gather, but a lot of it will be gut feeling, which could be a placebo affect.

Tomorrow should be a very good day.


Dude, you’re a box of surprises. How can you sleep 2 to 4 hours a night and eat 6k calories?


Fascinating indeed :slight_smile: - I wonder if the chronic lack of sleep has something to do with the metabolism? - there is a somewhat established link, but it usually goes the other way around (lack of sleep -> obesity).

Harvey I presume your doctor tested T4 at some point as well as TSH?

What is your diet like normally? Have you tried a higher fat approach? (this would help with sustained energy)


Fascinating? Uh-oh, every time I hear that I become a science experiment :wink:

When I was a teenager I ate a ton of food, I wasn’t paying attention to calories back then, but I would assume I was in the 3 or 4K range. I also slept a lot, and when i say a lot I mean a lot. I would get at least 10 - 12 hours sleep a night, sometimes more as I was always napping. By the time I was 17 or 18 the insomnia set in (I’m 31 now). I have bouts where I will get the normal amount of sleep (6 to 8 hours) but they normally only last for a couple of weeks. I also have bouts where I only sleep an hour or two a night, and those last a couple of weeks as well. I normally average around 2.5 to 3 hours a night.

I actually assumed that eating more calories made it easier to stay awake rather than vice versa. I never tried paying attention to whether the amount of calories that I consumed would directly affect how much sleep that I would get. There probably is some correlation though.

As for my current diet it is extremely poor, and when I say extremely poor I really mean it. About the healthiest thing that I consume on a regular basis is my protein shake.
Here is the list of the foods that I consume:
2% Milk
1/4 lbs 85% hamburgers
Red Barron personal pizza’s
Totino’s party pizza’s
Tater Tots
Nestle Chocolate Quick (Used because my protein shake is nasty)
Reeses Peanut Butter cups
Mild Cheddar cheese
Nacho Cheese Dorito’s
Ritz crackers
Just Protein
Chicken strips
Zingers when they still existed :frowning:

Besides eating out, that is pretty much my weekly diet. I normally cycle through each item on the list every other day. The junk food I normally consume daily. I also don’t eat any fruits or vegetables, I normally avoid them like the plague. Although when I lived over seas I did really like mango’s. I grew up on meat and potatoes, and I just don’t like the taste of most fruits or vegetables.
I did the whole nutritionist thing before and cleaned up my diet for around 2 months a couple years ago. It didn’t go well, I started to lose a lot of weight quickly. I think in total I lost around 30 pounds, but I do not really remember.

For the TSH I am at 2.42 right now…or rather from a week ago. Which is almost dead center (2.55 is dead center). T4 sounds familiar but I don’t quite remember. So far every blood test I have had has come back normal.

When I was in college and playing basketball my coach made me go to some specialists and see nutritionists to try and put weight on me. My standing weight on a normal diet is around 165 lbs. Which is way under weight for my height. It has taken me the last 3 or 4 years now to bring myself up to the 200’s, but I have not been able to break the 230 mark yet.

It’s actually pretty funny. I normally aggravate everyone at work as when we have a health fair and have our blood tested I am always well within normal limits on everything as I sit there eating a greasy burger and fries. While most of the people that are eating salads have blood pressure and cholesterol issues.


I would say, its important you check and make sure T4 has been taken :wink: - I have a pet (probably wrong) theory, but am not a doctor so I won’t bore you with it. Suffice to say you can’t diagnose only from TSH.

TSH = thyroid secreting hormone, which is a hormone that tells they thyroid how much T4 to produce. If T4 is too low, TSH rises to make more, if T4 is too high TSH drops to lower T4. So a v low TSH (<0.4) means too much T4 and hyperthyroidism (trouble gaining weight), and a v high TSH (>3.0) means too little and hyperthyroidism (trouble losing weight). The real normal ranges btw are 0.4 - 3 for TSH, some out of date doctors use the old ranges. Yours is surprising as it should be v low given your metabolism :wink: and is actually more suggestive of hypothyroidism!

It is definitely worth asking to see if your T4 was also checked however (and ideally free T3). It probably was tested (your doctor needs a slap if it wasn’t ;)) but it isn’t unheard of for doctors not to test T4.

Diet, yeh its crap, but I am not entirely surprised if you need to eat 6000 kcals :wink: - I would consider trying a higher fat route personally and see what happens. You will probably feel less hunger on a higher fat lower carb diet at least.

Re soylent, you will probably be super hungry as you are more than halving your calories. I would personally use it in addition to food, i.e. go with 2/3 soylent per day and eat something calorie rich for the other meal. (unless you can raise the calories in soylent).

I am in no way a doctor or anything, just my thoughts for what they are worth :slight_smile:


Alright so I made up my first days worth a couple of hours ago. It is edible, barely, and I am unsure how to fix the taste as it is kind of weird. I think the cookies and cream flavor of the whey gold was a mistake, as it is going to be hard to mix in a flavor to help the taste.
I also ate a jolly rancher after just to get rid of the taste in my mouth, and prevent the nasty burping of the Alive Multivitamin.

All in all it appears that my first days worth is 3 - 4 liters. I’m not 100% sure as my blender wasn’t big enough to hold it all, so I broke it into two blended batches.

I finished off my first liter about an hour ago. At first I was sipping it, that lasted for about half of it and took about 10 minutes. After that I finished off the rest in about 10 minutes by doing 2 sets of big gulps. After emptying my cup I am still hungry.
Also my stomach has started to gurgle a bit. There is no pain, and it doesn’t feel like hunger gurgles. My first inclination is that it was from the frothing while I was shaking up the mixture. But I am unsure, and it is too early for me to make too many assumptions.

Originally I had planned on drinking these every 3 hours and have 6 “meals” a day. But as it stands now I will probably just do 3 “meals” a day as it wasn’t as filling as I had hoped / feared.

When I get my next blood test done I will be sure to ask to have my T4 tested as well. Thanks for the info on the thyroid stuff. I knew that I had been tested, but I didn’t know which numbers meant what or the acronyms associated. I just took my doctors word that I was good.
I may try adding more fat to my Soylent recipe to try out, but I will see how it goes with my current concoction before I start making changes.

After trying many bulking diets, and helping some friends with their diets I came to the conclusion that diets are crap. Normally when you hit your goal you go back to your old ways and do the whole yo-yo diet thing. So I started using maintenance diets.
A maintenance diet is a diet that you don’t really change. You eat for what your weight and body fat goals are. You don’t starve yourself to go from 200 to 150, you just start eating like you already weigh 150 lbs. It will be a slightly slower process to drop the weight, but it is more sustainable.
With that being said most weight lifters or body builders believe that they need to have 1 to 1.4 grams of protein for their lean body mass by pound. When I did my calculations for my maintenance diet I based mine off of 1 gram of protein per pound. My goal is to get up to 250 lbs at 13% body fat. Which puts my LBM at 217 lbs, which means that I need to consume at least 217 grams of protein and no more than 303 grams of protein (1.4 x 217). From there you calculate how much fat you need to consume for the optimal absorption rate of the protein. Then you use carbs as filler to hit the caloric intake that you need.
I’ve been following this for about 8 months now and I have had great success with gaining weight, or rather more success than I have had in the past.

I am more concerned about my Soylent diet and the amount of calories than I was before. But I will give it a couple of days before I start making changes. I think that if I lose 5 lbs or more I will definitely begin to make some changes.


I originally purchased the Alive liquid multivitamin for my formula as well, but as soon as I poured it out of the bottle I knew that you could never pay me enough money to drink that stuff, so I’ve been crushing up my usual pill multi and using that instead. The general consensus in the forum is that it’s just as good as long as you have all your requirements covered. I’m using the chocolate flavored whey and I may try to supplement that with some additional cocoa powder and some vanilla. I mix my one-meal formula (1/3 of the total for the day) with almost a liter of water and it ends up at about the consistent of chocolate milk. The taste isn’t drop-dead amazing but it is doable. I’ve also seen some recipes that replace a portion of the fat with heavy cream, which I imagine may help the consistency as well.

I’ve been experimenting with formulas all week but today is also my first “official” day of my 30-day trial.


Yeah the Alive smells nasty, and I bet it tastes nasty as well.
I normally consider myself to have a slightly above average palate as far as taste goes. I am normally pretty good at identifying foods inside of foods. But I can’t quite pick out the Alive except as an after taste or if I burp.

Although I have so much extra powder in my recipe that I am not surprised that the taste is being drowned out by the others.

T-90 minutes until I do another liter.

I still feel hungry, but I don’t know if that is psychological or not. I’ll just have to wait and see.


I’ve experienced the same in terms of hunger. Most of the other posts I’ve read have made it sound like switching to Soylent has been “instantly satisfying” but I’m assuming I’ll have a stronger learning curve because I’m used to eating a lot and I’m also a textbook emotional eater. I’m hoping after a few days my body will recalibrate a little.


Yeah, I had the same impressions from the others, that it would be “instantly satisfying” as well.
I’m not really an emotional eater, but I was eating constantly before. I normally didn’t go for more than 10 or 15 minutes without munching on something. So it’s kind of weird, I have gone almost 3 hours without eating anything, and that is rare for me, especially if I am not engaged in anything to distract myself.

If I can over come this hurdle, then I could save a ton of time that I was wasting chewing like a cow all the time.


Are you eating less with Soylent or not?


Yes I am eating less with Soylent thus far.
The 2 shakes that I have had I have downed in about 15 - 20 minutes.

The calories have been cut in half, and I am still a little concerned about that.

I have done 2 liters of the stuff today, and I think I have about a liter and a half left. I still want to eat something, but I still cannot tell if it is hunger or psychological yet.

I just had a little bit of diarrhea, but the last Soylent I had was almost 4 hours ago. I don’t really have any stomach pains or anything, I’m just assuming it was from my previous diet from yesterday.

I am going to wait another hour to hour and a half before I have another dose.


After one day I have found some things:

Last night I got just under 5 hours of sleep. After that I noticed a chalkiness to my mouth, also I had a lot of flem, and started to get the knot in the back of my throat that is normally associated with vomiting.
While I did not vomit the feeling was still there, albeit not very strong.

As of this morning I am already down by 1 pound and .2% body fat. This could just be fluctuations in water weight so I am not concerned, just reporting.

The one thing that is bothering me is the color of my urine (last night and this morning). It has gone to more of a florescent yellow, possibly caused bye the Alive multivitamin and the B vitamin. I think that it may still be within the normal color spectrum of urine but it was something I noticed. Also it is quite a bit darker than I had expected. Darker in the fact that it appears that I am dehydrated.
I consumed just over a gallon of Soylent yesterday (about 4 liters) which should be plenty of water content. I also drank around 2 liters of straight water. Usually I consume right around 1 gallon (3.7 liters) of water a day, so I find this a little disconcerting.

Today I plan on adding more water to my Soylent, and breaking it out more evenly into 4 meals. Which should actually work out really well as most of my recipe has 4 of most things.

Has anyone else noticed any dehydration, or different coloring’s of their urine?