Personal Trainer Food


One month ago I ordered a month’s supply of Personal Traner Food. The plan I chose was 28 breakfasts, 28 lunches and 28 dinners.

They bill themselves as a diet program, and are positively-reviewed on Amazon. I am in no way lookng to lose weight. I was attracted to the convenience factor. Basically, you just pull a meal out of the freezer and microwave for two minutes.

The reason people use them as a diet program is because they eliminate sugars and carbs from the diet. They meet the threshold for protein, but average ~ 1000 calories a day, including snacks of almonds, cheese and meat sticks. And it is woefully short on carbohydrates and fat. The food they send is not diet food: real omelettes, sausage, meatballs, vegetables. But people apparently find success with losing weight because the lack of carbs and the smaller (regular actually, just not super sized) portions.

But again, I was attracted to the convenience factor. I tired of having the same pastry and coffee for breakfast, overpriced lunch I purchased at work, and a dinner that rotates between the three bachelor-style meals I prepare (eggs and sausage, spaghetti, or franks and beans). This also eliminated shopping for me, as they deliver the full mons-worth to the door. And with a groupon, I paid $234 for the month ($8.36/day).

I consider PTF the solid food, nutritiously-incomplete precursor to Soylent. I’m happy I found it. I’m slogging my way through it, but I’m glad Soylent is more convenient, better nutrition, and cheaper (not taking into account the groupon deal).

I don’t necessarily recommend it. But it may be of interest to those who might want to alternate Soylent and recreational food, or address a convenience/price issue for those who wish to skip a Soylent version they find objectionable. It can be used as a tool to lose weight, but I doubt it is an optimal tool for that purpose; at the least you’d have to supplement with a multi-vitamin.

Yet more fat vs carbs

Funny, we were ordering from them as well for a few months before Soylent. All in all not a bad product/service, though their quality control left a bit to be desired… we had several issues of items not being what they were supposed to be, and they also run out of stuff a lot. Haven’t ordered it again since getting Soylent though.

Best part for me though was the dry ice everything came shipped in. :wink:


Wow what timing… just saw this in my email…

Don’t know the particulars, didn’t read the entire page, but someone might appreciate this deal.