Petition to replace super Mario's mushroom with soylent cups


Not really but enjoy these gluten-free jokes.

What is a busy pirates favorite meal?

What is the favorite food of mice and men?

What’s unnecessary to offer you with these jokes?

What do ninjas have in common with first time Soylent users?
They both live a life of being silent and deadly.


Uh oh… another soylent pun thread! There was one a while back but I can’t seem to find it now. It got pretty good until we ran out of steam :smiley:


Ending on a fart joke, how eloquent.

I wouldn’t expect anything less.


Of mice and men is Steinbeck, not Tolstoy.


I think the point is that it’s another writer, and the pun doesn’t exactly work with “Stein-becklent”, LOL


AWESOME!!! Even more hilarious! You’re good!
This is why I never win Jeopardy

Does anyone know if anybody has tried chicken broth in Soylent, yet?


Alright!!! My thread is full of nice people!
Plus I can’t believe I got Vanclute.

Hey I have this thought I think is awesome. It involves Soylent water and a bunch of unflavored gelatin. Like so much you have to really dig it to scoop it out.
Would that be good? Like Soylent jigglera


Note to self next brilliant idea. Parody of All the single ladies called All the Soylent Ladies


(twenty mur mur mur)


OMG it’s gannas! Twenty mur mur mur. I wish I understood that. But I’ll take a smile! Thanks gannas!

Soylent thought for the day: what about using club soda or carbonated water. Would that affect the fermentation thing? What could be done to make a controlled blow out that rivals mentors and coke?


I was making some carbonated water with our Soda Stream the other day and that thought popped into my head. Now if only I had some Soylent to try it with… c’mon shipping!


New brilliant idea. Someone with Soylent needs to make a “kids react to Soylent” video.


I’ve got Soylent and access to some kids, but I’m not sure if their parents would like them being posted all over the interwebz.


I just was thinking about how it was a shame that Soylent wasn’t half named Solution. As it is a solution of sorts. Then I thought how SWEET it would have been for an ad campaign about having the goal of being the Solution (see what I did there) to world hunger.

Did I ever tell you what happened when I first found out about Soylent. I had just gotten this… BEHOLD! Oh and mind the Sauce, sorry.

I thought nothing of it when I got it. I put it aside cause it was interesting. Then I found Soylent. It was a couple of weeks before I looked at the fortune again.

Mind Blown