pH of Soylent is requested

A friend of mine wants to know the pH of Soylent. She is mainly interested in 1.5, but 2.0 would also be interesting. Of course you would need to add liquid to 1.5.

It depends on the amount of water, therefore a thorough mix would be needed to measure potentz Hydrogen of it.

Potentially one could measure the pH of the water before and after mixing, and determine if there was a difference.

I don’t have any 1.5, but if I had a pH test kit, I would test my 2.0.

Are the little pH test strips accurate or are there better tests for pH?

The pH strips are accurate enough to give a estimate. :slight_smile: you won’t get decimals.

2.0 pH level is 7. :smile_cat:


Let me guess; she wants to avoid things that are too acidic?

Something like that. She is having painful diverticulitis attacks and conventional medical advice isn’t helping, so she is trying other theories of how to cure it.