Phantom Posts on forum

Me and @horsfield have been seeing disappearing posts on the forum. Anyone else seeing this?

None of them have been spam or trolling. The posts are on point, on topic and generally constructive discussions. This is strange.


I might be because they are getting flagged several times before I / other mods unflag them. That being said this might be an issue @codinghorror could help with.

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That would make sense if the posts were spam or trolling. Besides when a post is deleted or flagged there is usually a message saying so. These phantom posts just vanish instantly without a trace.

Which topics have these “phantom posts”?

Anything flagged by the community enough will be shown as suppressed (and click-to-expand), never removed entirely.

For what it’s worth, I’m here a lot and I haven’t noticed any disappearing posts.

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I’m sure I’m not just crazy (in this context). Unless @horsfield is one of my alternate personalities.

Which is fine. I wouldn’t mind being @horsfield. He seems cool.

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Ok. Now the “phantom post” has reappeared.


I wonder if it has anything to do with the discourse updates? I have noticed twice in the last few weeks that the whole board was not functioning. On the discourse Twitter feed, they said things like they were noticing some boards were having trouble, then in less than 30 minutes, it would magically reappear and start working again. I am not sure what types of updates and things they do on a regular basis, but I wonder if they could cause posts to disappear/reappear?

I’ve seen a few topics get bumped to the top as if they had an unread post, only to see that the last post was from days ago. Not sure if that’s what you guys are talking about though.

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That usually comes when someone edits a post. I have noticed if the last post gets edited (maybe any post?) then it bumps the whole topic up to the top.


I’ve noticed at least one topic that was on the new page that “disappeared” – except that it didn’t disappear from the forum entirely.

I had the new page up on my browser for several hours without clicking on anything. I allowed the site to reload the page later that day, and at least one of the topics that had been on the page disappeared. I went looking for it and found it quickly with a search, but I guess it had just aged off of the “new” page?

  1. The post was posted on a one year old topic.

  2. The post was scanned, as all new user posts are, by Akismet. Which decided the post was spam and deleted it and PM’ed that user.

  3. A moderator declined the akismet flag (incorrectly…) and undeleted the deleted spam post.

  4. I am right now deleting that user because it is 100% spam and Akismet was correct.

  5. I also right now deleted the replies, since… they were replies to spam on a one year old topic and made no sense whatsoever without the deleted spam post they were in to reply to.

Mystery Solved!


Someone should really steal that awesome avatar, though.

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