Phosphorus content of lecithin


It seems as though many recipes on ‘diy.soylent’ ignore the phosphorus content of lecithin. In my recipe this is by far the biggest contributor to phosphorus, ignoring it would throw off the ratios substantially (and, in fact, my ratios are off because of it). Is there a reason for it being ignored or is it just because its rarely listed?


Where are you getting your phosphorus numbers? In my analysis I didn’t find any phosphorus mentioned in the USDA database. Looking at NUTTAB (Australia’s nutrient database) I see 2g phosphorus/100g lecithin, which would mean .13g phosphorus in your recipe from lecithin.

As I recall (but can’t verify right now because of the government shutdown) the USDA numbers were for a liquid lecithin and NUTTAB’s numbers are for granules–so NUTTAB may be a more accurate source. But if I had to venture a guess, I’d guess that the existing numbers are based on the USDA values.

EDIT: Math error here. 2g phosphorus/100g lecithin would mean .3g phosphorus for 15g lecithin.


I got my phosphorus number from the nutritional listing for the lecithin I use.

I dont think there is anything special about this particular lecithin.

EDIT: I looked at many other lecithins on iHerb and they all list comparable values for phosphorus.
MORE EDITS: How do you get 0.13g? Your number suggest that lecithin is 2% phosphorus. Thats 0.3g of phosphorus for 15g of lecithin.


You’re right. 0.3g. Never trust early-morning-math.


This was quite concerning when I first learned of it. I am trying to keep a 2:1 ratio of calcium to phosphorus but had to reduce my lecithin amount to accomplish this. Unfortunately, phosphorus is part of the phosphatidylcholine molecule so the only phosphorus free choline source seems to be choline salts.


I didn’t keep track of my sources, but my numbers for lecithin were 3000mg phosphorus per 100g lecithin. This appears to back that up.

Removing lecithin from my recipe completely ended up being the best thing in the end.


Yup, thems the same numbers I got.

What are you using for choline and how does it not have the same phosphorus issue?


I use Choline Bitartrate supplements now. They end up costing me $0.10/day and save me about $1.00 per day as a lecithin replacement. Of course there were some other things like fat to balance out too.