Phyllotactic Patterning in Plants

I think at least a few people here would enjoy this lecture. It’s lead by a Caltech professor and addresses different questions in plant development that may lead to increased output in the coming years.

Meyerowitz and his collaborators have developed live imaging techniques to record dynamic changes in plant development, including changes in gene expression and protein localization, in response to genetic or environmental intervention.

One of the most interesting ideas in the video, to me, was the possibility of optimizing the leave patterns of plants to better absorb light for energy.

This reminded me of an article i read a few years back about how some israeli scientists developed tech to make plants grow faster than their current speed. If these two teams team up, it will be golden.

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Sounds cool! I just learned a few days ago that pineapples take years to grow. Thats insane! Spongebob would be homeless for a long time if he ever had a hurricane take away his house.