Phytonutrient supplements?


The obesity researcher who posted here earlier made the suggestion of taking a phytonutrient supplement on top of soylent to make it more nutritionally complete. These supplements are basically a bunch of plants that people think are good for us, dried and put into a powder. This seemed like a great idea to me, since it would defuse one of the major worries about soylent – namely that soylent users aren’t getting the various non-essential phytonutrients present in unprocessed food.

Has anybody else done this? I bought the supplement called Barlean’s Greens (the “regular,” black container). It is cheap as these things go (I got a month’s supply for about $30 at a local nutrition store); it tastes good; and it has fairly low levels of most essential micronutrients (meaning that one probably doesn’t have to recalculate one’s soylent formula to compensate for it). Does anybody else have phytonutrient supplements they would recommend?

I had the natural thought that one could actually put one of these plant powders into one’s soylent formula. But all of the plant powders I looked at had the instruction to take it with water on an empty stomach (presumably to deal with absorption issues). So it looks like probably the phytonutrient supplement actually has to be taken separately from soylent.


I found this one on amazon. $17 for what it says are 30 servings. I haven’t used it though.


If it’s cheap and tasty, it’s probably just mentos.


@Gabriel_Alejand: I have some concern that the cheaper powders might also have less good stuff in them. However, I haven’t yet run across a plant powder which was just mentos.


It was sarcasm. Ba dum tss*


well a lot of the phytonutrients have been researched to some degree, couldn’t you individually supplement with the ones that show some benefit such as lycopene/lutein?


These look promising

all of them with probiotics as well!


OK, so i went with ‘ultimate meal’ to hold me over, my little brothers a vegan and had a bunch lying around, shipping costs kind of killed me on my blend.

Just went out and got a highly carbonated jar of live culture probiotics and healthforce vitamineral 5.2 the taste of the ultimate meal was a bit off putting, it has that stevia stuff in it, some people might like it but I’m going for a pure vanilla taste. So far so good, vitamineral is just plain not screwing around when it comes to quality and being really earthy ha


I use the Trader Joe’s Super Red and Super Green drink powders. They say they can be mixed with water, milk or juice, so I just mix it with my soylent. They’re kinda spendy, $20 for 30 servings, so I use one every other day or so just to cover my bases. It also comes with the benefit that I can refer to the mixture as “soylent green” or “soylent red” depending on which one I use.


I add 3g dried Spirulina and 5g blueberry extract (10:1) to my daily mix, from the recommendation of where you can see links to lots of studies describing the health effects of these plants.

The spirulina is a very saturated dark green and makes the whole think kinda swampy looking. I don’t mind it as I know it’s healthy, but I sure do get some strange looks.

I also use 40g cocoa powder per day - both for flavour and because it’s pretty healthy. I’ve been contemplating “Aktivated Barley” as it sounds like a great alternative to oats for a main carb source, but it’s much more expensive and I don’t really trust anything with a deliberately misspelled name!


I mix one scoop each of Green Vibrance and Rainbow Vibrance in water first thing in the morning. I also drink Raw Meal, which has superfoods and probiotics and enzymes and, well, everything. I’d pretty much live on it if it didn’t have so much protein.


Anyone else taking any kind of phytonutrient supplement? This is the only thread I see even minimal discussion about it.
Thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions? Pros? Cons?

I’ve found several on Amazon, and it seems that each brand has their greens and reds:
Vibrant Health Green Vibrance and Rainbow Vibrance
MacroLife Naturals Macro Greens and Miracle Reds
Purity Products Triple Greens and Super Reds
Barlean’s Greens and Superfruit Greens
Trader Joe’s Super Green and Super Red drink powders