Phytonutrients / Phytochemicals

So with phytonutrients often being mentioned as something Soylent lacks, I figured I would revive the topic.

We can all agree that they are basically not essential to life, otherwise we would call them vitamins :slight_smile: but with claims and some studies showing health benefits from various phytonutrients/chemicals… I figured it would be interresting to compile what was known already here on the forums… A list of different phytonutrients and their (claimed) benefits, related studies, how much would be needed for benefit, how they work and sources (prices?)

Hope you guys can help compile a list (and already existing lists) so we can talk about what is known and weed out psudoscience.

If something is found to be very important to health in the long run eventually, people could choose to supplement or perhaps a future Phytosoylent could be worked on

Useful Links:

List of phytonutrients of interrest:


I take Green Vibrance every morning and that works for me. I would prefer that Soylent not contain phytonutrients, because if it did, it would not have everything that GV has and then I would be getting too much of some things if I continue to take GV.

Soylent should contain only what you need to stay alive. I don’t want them to add phytonutrients or nootropics.

I would never suggest they added non essential stuff, if they were to do that… It would have to be an alternative Soylent that you could order (way out in the future), thats why I said “Phytosoylent”… but until then… Lets keep the topic to actually talking about individual phytonutrients that are of interrest.

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Here’s one to get us started, that some manufacturers claim is a wonder drug (like everything they try to sell);

How do we know that Soylent does not contain Phytonutrients / Phytochemicals? Is it just unfeasible that something as processed as Soylent contains them or is it that the ingredient source of Soylent is too limited?

What convinced you to take Green Vibrance? Did you consider other alternatives?

I’m currently using Amazing Grass. Just wanted to try something new.

As I understand it (which is badly — please, anyone, jump in with corrections), “phytonutrients” just means “nutrients from a plant”.

I think discussions of what Soylent does and doesn’t contain would benefit from being more specific. Are there any particular phytonutrients that people are interested in?

Well here is my 2 cents, which will be a bit redundant.

My understanding about phytonutrients (aka phytochemicals) is that they include things like what makes a tomato red, etc. They are currently not accounted for in traditional nutrition models, with no RDI available.

Macronutrients = carbs (simple, complex - sugars, fibers), protein (amino acids), fat (saturated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated incl omegas, transfats)
Micronutrients = vitamins, minerals


Research on their benefits or necessity is still preliminary & inconclusive. Which is why Rob, ever so practical, investigated & actively decided against it in the name of efficiency & cost (not wanting “gimmicky fillers” of questionable value). I read that in an interview with Rob somewhere…

Powdered/liquid greens (& other veggies/fruit) supplements like Greens+, Progressive VegeGreens, and Vega products are supposed to full this gap but I’m not sure how many phytonutrients are included and how much is absorbed.

I’d feel more comfortable knowing I’m getting at least a little bit of a variety of them. Hence, I’m throwing some in my DIY. Most of them taste awful and are difficult to overpower with other flavors. Capsule form or Vega One powders are the only ones I’ve been able to swallow so far.

Sorry, I know that doesn’t quite answer the question here. Broadly speaking, looking at Soylent’s ingredients, I would think it currently contains next to none.


I’m also interested in these supplements. Is there a comprehensive review of the options somewhere that you consulted?

Nah, I was just curious when I read about superfoods. I keep buying them because I feel great right after drinking them.