Pics of new packaging and review of 1.1


Ok, here are pics of the new 1.1 packaging. It’s much more compact and efficient than the old packaging, good job Rosa Labs. Now time to make up a batch…:slight_smile:

Shipping dimensions

Ok, trying my first glass now. Definitely less sweet and less of that sucralose aftertaste, but it’s still there faintly. Yes, it seems maybe a little thinner than 1.0, but I was only on 1.0 for a week so I’m not that accustomed to how it should be. I just added some PB2 and that makes it go down smooth and improves the flavor. Overall I give the new version along with the new packaging two thumbs up. I’ll update this in a day or two when I know if the gas issue is improved as well.


OK now I’m confused. Our latest 28-bag subscription resupply just arrived today, and it looks identical to all the previous ones. I thought all new orders in the last couple weeks were now 1.1… but what’s sitting on our floor now does not resemble what you have in your picture at all. Puzzling… guess I’ll find out as soon as I open it all up.


Hmm, all I know is the new compact one week box is about half the size of the old one week box. Maybe they still use those old boxes and squeeze two weeks or a month into them? Read the ingredients on the outside of the box. Mine has the enzymes included on the list.


You’ll know when you look at the packets. 444 grams: 1.0. 447 grams: 1.1.


Was it because you got the bottle and scoop as part of the first package? The box my 1st one week supply came in was huge because of the extra stuff.


It looks like they may have still been running through the old packaging.

Been receiving 1.1 in box classic, just got 1.2 in box remix as op captured.

It’s shockingly more space-efficient, I can easily fit six new boxes where four of the classic barely fit.