Pictures of my 'Gourmet' soylent


The first one is if you make it a salad, the second is if you blend it.
2500 - 2800 calories depending on how you make it.
Meets all RDAs except for folate which it meets half of.

I can tell you right now it tastes WAY better blended.

ACTUAL whole foods recipe

We need software to compose such real-food recipes on the fly, depending on what’s in the fridge.

I’d like to see your recipe, @kthprog! I imagine it’s hard to get exact nutrient breakdowns for cooked broccoli, though?


Has to be fresh and only the flower buds!
The recipe can be found here:

RealWholeFoods and RealWholeFoods2.

Also the spreadsheet I made it in was created by me for exactly that purpose.

Official updates on the Soylent Editor spreadsheet here:


You don’t happen to know of a library to calculate all the nutritional values and a library to calculate the taste of it, do you? :wink:


I’m working on it. Both counts, ish.


lol how?
Any way I can help?
How the hell do you calculate taste? lol