Pill Press and Soylent


Has anyone tried pressing large tablets with Soylent Powder?

I’m looking at hand presses, but they only make really small tablets and ones that can make bigger ones are in the multi thousand dollar range. Also, would it even work as a tablet? Is the power a binding agent?

Asking before I try something?


Gotta ask - why? …


Meal in a pill?

There has to be a lot of space between the particles. When I pound down a scoop, the volume shrinks quite a bit. I think that under extreme pressure and a large die I could get a 400 calorie meal into ten or less tablets. At that point it’s as simple as swallowing ten tablets. Fifty for a day. If I get the weight just right I could get 40 calories per tablet. Depending on compression I might get it as low as five tablets per meal.

If the powder doesn’t act as a binding agent, it’s pointless to try since that would require adding a lot of binding agent which would throw the calculations way off. Since it’s a little sticky I think it is a binding agent.

So I wondered if any one else has tried this before and how successful were they?


I can safely say no one has tried this because 25-50 pills a day is a shade ridiculous. But if that’s your thing then more power to you.


Have you looked at the video on making powder into bars? (https://www.imzy.com/futurefood/post/how_to_make_soylent_bars_from_powder_video).

Then, since you seem to want it solid and compact, have you thought about MealSquares? (http://www.mealsquares.com/)


If you get the compression just right things might liquefy…That would be cool…Liquid Soylent!


The chance that it might liquefy is a good point. Soylent powder has the oil/fat bound to the dry compounds which separate when wet. At least that’s my basic understanding of how it works along with my basic ability to explain it offhand. Lots of pressure may work as an oil press and simply squeeze out the oil/fat from the powder. I don’t know about binding powders under pressure but I think a think an oily greasy powder probably would bind fine, but you’d lose a good portion of nutrition via not only the squeezed out oil/fat itself, but also nutrients that would dissolve into the oil/fat when that portion of it liquefies.

Edit: I suppose you could technically put pressed oil into gel capsules, but you’d probably want to collect the oil/fat first using machinery designed to do that, so although probably possible, it sounds like a complicated manufacturing process. But if somebody already has a tablet pill press, give it a shot! It may gunk it up, but I’m at least mildly interested to hear what would actually happen if you tried.


Kinda interesting for a diabetic.
Pop a pill every half hour or so.


I wouldn’t want to use Gel Capsules since I’m not sure how those would affect the content. Also, a side goal would be to reduce the volume of the powder without adding anything. I could always just eat the powder. It doesn’t taste bad.

I didn’t consider the oil base getting pushed out by the compression. If anyone else has a pill press, please try it. I think I’m going to back off of this idea.

As for food squares, I think they’re over priced. Two days worth is 30 dollars. Part of this is to reduce costs.


Love the idea! I’ve had the same thoughts. Even if it is a lot of ‘pills’ who cares, divide it up every hour or so.

The ‘point’ for those who wonder is to allow those of us who have a serious gag reflex to the product to use it.

I don’t want to eat, I just want to not be hungry. When I’m hungry I want things that taste good and they tend not to be the best things for us to eat.


For those who are curious, I’ve done this with “00” capsules. It is a functional proof of concept, but it takes 150 capsules to make a “meal”. Doable, but not particularly practical.


When I was a little kid, I looked forward to “the future” when I’d be able to just have a meal in a pill. So personally I love this idea. I’ve experimented with making my own energy supplements quite a few times but never thought to try using Soylent powder. 150 per meal though… yeah that’s a problem. I think given the amount of powder needed, the bar approach is probably a better one. As much as I love the idea of a meal in a pill, I don’t think it’s terribly doable at least not with Soylent powder.