Pitcher diameter too small


The pitcher is very stylish and has a nice small footprint.

However, the pitcher diameter is too small to allow me to get my hand into the pitcher to do a thorough cleaning. Dishmops just do not have the same cleaning power as a human hand wielding a sponge or paper towel, and do not do a good job getting into the crevices. And Soylent has a strong tendency to bond with surfaces and is not all that easy to to remove. So… request to manufacturer… please find a pitcher that has a wide enough mouth to allow full hand insertion.

P.S. I should add that I’m a male with average size hands.


I’m a man with large hands. Literally “large” when I buy gloves. And I should probably buy XL, depending on the purpose I need them for. I have minimal trouble getting my hand inside to wash it. If I make a fist or leave it flat, it won’t go in, but I make more of a teardrop shape (tucking the thumb) and push in. Once inside, I can open my hand to properly hold the sponge.


Are you taking off the entire top off when you clean or just the screw cap? You get a little more space taking the entire top off.


Hi, Eleven. Are we talking about the same pitcher ? My pitcher has a diameter of 4.0 inches. When I saw your post just now, I went and tried to put my hand in the pitcher “teardrop shape”, tucking in my thumb, but no luck… no way to get my hand in… I should add that I removed the entire top assembly, including the handle.

I think of my hands as average sized for a man, but I always do buy XL gloves, and maybe my hands are comparatively large. But I see a lot of guys with hands bigger than mine.

I wonder what a survey of Soylent customers would reveal, if they were asked [a] whether they have any difficulty fully inserting their hands into the pitcher [b] whether they find the pitcher easy to clean. I suspect that a significant percentage of males would fall in the same category as me, finding it impossible to insert the hand, and finding it hard to clean the pitcher.


I just bought a sturdy bottle brush from a grocery store. Works wonderfully :smile:



Been using this bottle brush after removing the pitcher lid and handle. You can pick these up on amazon and most grocery stores very cheaply.


I’ll recommend again the 77-oz Frigoverre glass pitcher. The mouth’s a little bigger than Soylent’s Takeya, but more to the point it opens up beneath the mouth so even a large hand can fit easily inside to scrub it.

And then, it’s glass, which I always find easier to clean than plastic. (The three-part lid is plastic, and you do want to take it apart to thoroughly clean it.) It doesn’t have the footprint to fit in your fridge door, but it’s just the right height and shape to fit perfectly on a shelf. And the price is decent. I’ve been using mine for months and have no complaints whatever.


I have tried using a bottle brush but it does not clean as well as I can using my hand plus a fresh sheet of paper towel soaked in a solution of detergent and water, which is what I use to get the glass container squeaky clean on my ancient 64 oz Black and Decker blender. . Bottle brushes do not reach the crevices as completely.


Thanks for the suggestion. But actually I used my old Black and Decker blender until the gasket gave out, and now have switched to an old Braun food processor with a beautifully wide mouth, while waiting for a replacement gasket.

Only reason I made this post was to try to persuade Soylent management to look for a pitcher that would fit all customers.

I looked up the Frigoverre pitcher on Amazon and it looks good.


I can get my hand in the pitcher to clean it alright but a separate improvement on the pitcher IMO would be one with tick marks on the side so you can compute how much you’re pouring out, or maybe at least have that be an option.


That would be very helpful. As would a decal for people who already have pitchers, for maybe $3, to cover S&H.


I can easily reach into the pitcher (man with, uh, slender build), but I never do. Why would you need to? To wash it, I just fill about ⅓ with hot water, add a drop of dish soap, seal, and shake like crazy. Then rinse a couple times by doing the same thing, but without the soap. That seems to do a great job of getting all the Soylent out and it’s ready to be refilled for the next day.


Anyone too dumb to figure this out on their own, still locked into their “google it” ways that needs told to take off a lid for more space…deserves to have their hand stuck into two bottles for the rest of eternity. A shameful, sober game of Edward 40-hands is their punishment.

That is all.


I’ll try this out but I have a strong suspicion it will not do as good a job as direct mechanical action with a solid surfactant. I note that in my experience, Soylent is pretty sticky. I also note that in my experience, refrigerated Soylent starts to become fizzy after about four days. I have 8 oz cups of Soylent about once or twice a day, so it takes me awhile to work through a pitcher. So… I like to get the jug squeaky clean to minimize carbonation.


I’m a man with an XXL glove size. I can get my hand inside the pitcher for cleaning.

These complaints are getting ridiculous…


I think you are being a tad harsh here. It took me quite a few days of using the pitcher to realize that the top assembly was not just the cover, that the handle also unscrews. Or maybe I’m just too dumb to figure things out quickly.


Well bully for you Brando. Maybe you’re double jointed ?



Because that doesn’t always clean it out properly. If its not washed almost immediately after finishing it, I also sometimes get dried bits of Soylent stuck to the sides.


For reference, my hand measures approx 3.5" by 7.5", which is slightly larger than average in width, per this website.


Ultimately, it’s a free pitcher (and scoop, that has its own set of issues). Yes, it’d be great if it had X features, but again, free.