Pitcher Suggestion

Not sure if this has already been said, but it would be nice if the pitcher had some subtle striations at each “500 Cal” mark for ease of Calorie regulation vs eyeballing it.

For now I’ve just modded my pitcher to get the same general effect, not perfect, but pretty close and helpful all the same.


I guess I don’t really get why it would be difficult to estimate quarter amounts. If this was divided into fifths, I think I would go along with that.

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Soylent is 1 calorie per milliliter and blender bottles have volume marks. So there isn’t a need to eyeball anything.


What’s the point of having the fancy ol’ pitcher then? Seems like a pretty simple thing to add that they already illustrate in all the included informational material, why not just add 3 little engraved striations it to the pitcher to achieve the same thing?

I just don’t even bother keeping track. I drink whatever I feel I need. Occasionally I’ll drink out of a glass where I know exactly how much it holds, but I still don’t really bother keeping track.

Now once we get our Vessyls, I hope for that story to change dramatically.


I don’t think everyone pours from the pitcher into a blender bottle. If someone is using a plain regular glass it would be nice to have measurement marks on the pitcher.

I wouldn’t do 1/4 marks like that on the pitcher, but I love the idea of measurement marks on the pitcher. Maybe every 50ml or something like that.

Two catches:

  1. It’s hard to measure a pour with the markings on your pitcher, because it’s tilted when you pour. It’s easier to measure in the glass you’re pouring into. Marks on the pitcher are useful to see how much is left, not so much how much you’re pouring (unless you pour a bit, then a bit, then a bit…)

  2. The bigger problem: those marks only apply for those who like to dilute to the full 2 liters. A lot of us like it thicker. Others use add-ins like PB2 that change the calorie counts.

I’m glad it works for you, but it might be wasted effort/cost for those of us who don’t do exactly as you do.


Tilting doesn’t make it impossible or even cumbersome to measure from the serving pitcher, and not everybody wants to buy or drink out of a blender bottle. The markings should be by volume, not by calories, as MentalNomad pointed out the amount of fluid may vary.

Helpful suggestion, and I would add that they should also add markings to the oil bottle for those who prepare a meal at a time. Having markings on the serving containers would make it easy to measure out your Soylent into any container you want, without extra measuring utensils or special drinkware.


And they don’t know the volume of the glass? Don’t have a measuring cup? Can’t put lines on the pitcher themselves?

You’re right, it would be stupid for a business to pander to it’s customers like that. I don’t see why they even bother putting it into day-sized bags, people should content themselves with a bucket (they can find their own scoop).

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The volume thing is a good point. It does make more sense to do it that way.

Well obviously it’s easy enough to measure the volume of a glass, but say for example we’re talking about a 16 oz glass to the brim. Would they fill it to the brim every time? Or would there be some reason they want to consume other than exactly 16 oz? And a measuring cup would work, but we’re now making additional dishes dirty. Same complaint people have with using measuring spoons to measure oil when making less than a full day.

And yes, people could put lines on the pitcher themselves - dakota0626 did after all. People could also buy themselves a pitcher with measuring marks on it already. For that matter, we don’t need Soylent at all because people can buy all the ingredients themselves and make their own version.

Convenience. Same reason I don’t want to mix my own food. Same reason I want a product like Soylent instead of trying to prepare and balance nutrition in traditional foods. It would be more convenient to have measuring marks on the pitcher. I don’t see any downside, but I do see an upside.

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I marked my pitcher into thirds with a sharpie. Not as nice looking as the photo above, but it helps in the morning to know when I’ve poured out 670 calories.

I just use a cup that has the markings. To me it is easier than having it on a pitcher, unless I was just drinking right out of the pitcher.

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Ha, I did the exact same thing.

FWIW some Costco stores still have the 2-pack of Takeya pitchers, some are sold out. No reorder is expected this year, next year, who knows?

In Wilsonville Oregon I bought the 2-pack shown below for $5 less ($19.99/pair) than the photo below just last week. On Amazon.com they’re usually $19.95 each.

The Costco item code is 832677. Call any Costco store with this code and they can do a regional lookup. lookup.

Ah, RL already sent me two Takeyas I don’t need, because I’m using the Frigoverres I bought. They’re just sitting on the shelf, still in their boxes…

Honestly, the starter kit pitcher is the worst.

It leaks, no matter how hard I tighten it. I bought two on Amazon before I realized this, and they all leak. It’s also way too tall to fit in my fridge, except in the door.

I replaced it with Nalgene-branded labware via Amazon:

This one has no odor (PPCO being close to what the consumer-grade Nalgene water bottles are made from), is autoclavable (and dishwasher safe, of course), fits in more places, doesn’t leak, and doesn’t require superhuman strength to open. It also has no gaskets so is two pieces instead of five. I used the vinyl Soylent bumper sticker that came with the starter kit as a half-way marker, but it’s still quite easy to eyeball.

For the sake of graduation (and you did to a nice job of that by the way), I simply measured my glassware. All of my seemingly missmatched glasses turned out to be exactly 450ml, which is a perfect meal for me.

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They actually leak more if you try to tighten them too much. I made that mistake initially. If you don’t try to to twist it to “tight” there’s no leakage (in my experience).


Good tip, but once you go labware, you never go back. :smile:

I also didn’t like how the starter kit pitchers allow the fluid to get into the threads, and that you have to open at one of two precise intervals, and if you open too far before pouring, the top just falls off. They are over-engineered without actually being well designed. The Nalgene labware jars are just superior.

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