Placebo Effects


Anyone have effects that they just chalk up to a placebo effect? One of mine is a euphoric feeling about 15-25 minutes after having Soylent. It’s a cool (temperature) feeling emanating from my belly area and radiating outward. It’s very pleasant.


Some of em have complained about what could be described as a warm (temperature) feeling emanating from the butt area and radiating outward. Its very unpleasant (for others around them). :smile:

But i dont think they would chalk it up to a placebo effect.


But if you chalk it up to placebo effect, it can’t be placebo effect, right?

The placebo effect is when something has an effect because you think it will, but the fact is that it does not have that effect. So if you’re chalking it up to placebo effect, you know that it really has no effect… so how could it work based on you believing it does?

I think you’re just talking about psychological effects of Soylent.



OK. Noted. Do you have any effects from Soylent that you feel may be just psychological?


I (knock on wood) haven’t had the gas issue that so many complain about.