Planning to experience Soylent soon

I’m sitting here at my screen sipping blue corn syrup fortified with vitamin C. In a little while I’m going to have lunch which will be ramen plus eggs. I’m overweight, pushing forty, and not in good health. I don’t exercise regularly, I don’t eat a balanced diet, and I don’t take a multivitamin. I get sick fairly often (few times a year), although lately I seem to be just fine, knock on wood. I tested high for cholesterol years ago; no idea what I would get now, but I suspect it wouldn’t be good. I don’t sleep well. I have sleep apnea that I think comes from being overweight. I don’t always focus well.

I have a serious caffeine addiction that I feed with energy drinks and sodas. I am extremely cranky and irrational in the morning until I get my 12 oz NOS energy drink. I didn’t used to be this way, not even two years ago. I suspect I’m dependent on the vitamins in the drink.

My grandparents lived into their 90s and kept their mental faculties for most of that time and were even able to live independently and get around until their last few years. They had a long, rich, wonderful rewarding life. I remember they also had a very healthy diet.

At this rate I suspect I will not even come close to that.

I love life. I am the happiest person I know. And I want it to keep going and I want to be healthy enough to enjoy it for pushing a century.

To get that I have got to change the way I treat my body.

In my possession is a 4 meal bag of Soylent 1.5 I bought off of Amazon. Soylent sounds a million times better than ramen and corn syrup with an occasional side of cholesterol. I plan to try this bag next week. If it’s tolerable it might just change my life.

Just owning this bag has changed the way I think. I was in the store last night. At the pharmacy I saw nutrition supplements galore. Krill oil, fish oil. I suspect those would be great for me, but it sounds so inefficient and expensive and confusing. That bag of Soylent has all the omega oils I would probably get from those supplements, plus everything else my body needs.

I woke up hungry this morning, which is unusual. I don’t usually eat breakfast. Just knowing that I have a bag of healthy wholesome goodness, plus being hungry, is making me crave and look forward to trying the stuff. I snacked on a few mixed nuts when I got to work, which is probably the healthiest thing I’ll eat all day, unless you count the vitamin C in my corn syrup drink. When I bought this bag of mixed nuts awhile back, I discovered that I loved Brazil nuts. I read about them and learned they were a high source of selenium, magnesium, phosphorus, and other nutrients. There must be something in there my body and brain need. The mixed nuts are mostly peanuts that I don’t want to eat. Buying just Brazil nuts looks overly expensive. I’m sure everything I need is in that bag of Soylent. It has to be better than ramen.

Next week I find out if there is a better way. I know how to lose weight. I know how to exercise. And now I know how to eat. If the Soylent is good, I’ll start doing all three regularly.


Except, presumably, in the morning pre-energy drink.


Yes, that is exactly right! I am a quiet grump by myself for an hour. I don’t even talk to anybody.

But after that I love life and I am on the go. I enjoy work, I enjoy every minute spent with my family, and I want it to go on indefinitely.

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Not an intended consequence, but my coffee habit was greatly reduced when I started on Soylent. I still like coffee, but I drink less than half the amount that I used to. I just don’t crave it anymore.

Also, I actually like that you add egg to your ramen. Makes it less… pedestrian.

You’re good. I’m not overweight; I chose Soylent because it was infinitely better than my previous diet. But I quickly found out how many people successfully manage their weight with Soylent, mostly due to the great ease in tracking calories.

I’d just suggest reading a lot around this discourse. Everything you are going through, others have, also. Best to you, and I hope Soylent takes for you!


There’s actually some nutrition in there. At least I think so. I keep a bag of frozen onions and peppers and usually add a handful of those, too.

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Top it off with some tuna and you’ve got a complete meal!

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I would probably be a lot healthier and a lot less poorer if I had learned to like tuna. Unfortunately I have a real aversive reaction to even thinking about it. I like other fish, but typically I prefer it deep fried and unhealthy.

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Why wait till next week? Sounds like you’re ready for a change immediately.

Try fresh tuna sometime (season with pepper and sesame and sear). No one in the world will be able to convince me that fresh tuna and canned tuna came from the same fish.

There’s a couple things going on this weekend where I expect to eat traditional food, and I want to try my first batch on a typical work day. So in all likelihood Monday is the day.

Cool. I recommend you ease into it. Have one glass for breakfast or lunch the first day. Then two glasses spread out the second day. Finish the pitcher on the third. With this strategy you can start right away. So many people get so extreme with this stuff when they start. I think it’s from all the articles/blogs where people try to do 30 days straight right off the bat. (Rob started the trend…)

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Crankiness in the morning is a sign of a serious psychological disorder, you should commit yourself immediately. Literally every other human leaps out of bed and charges enthusiastically into a productive and rewarding day.

If you actually believed that, then please don’t. In all seriousness, it sounds to me like you are experiencing the condition of being normal, so welcome to the world of being better. I have an addiction to Monster Energy that predates Soylent, and I still have 2-3 per week as a treat, but now I start my day with a caffeine+theanine pill from PowderCity instead. Soylent gives me plenty of energy, plus the introduction of l-theanine and elimination of sugar gives me everything I love about caffeine without crashing or jitters.

Also, one bag of Soylent isn’t going to make you feel any different, but after a week of at least 50% Soylent diet, you will start to feel incredible. Don’t procrastinate, mix up that batch and sample it, because the magic won’t happen until you commit to it.

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Life pro tip for morning crankiness:

At your bedside, place one large glass of water, and one caffeine pill (a 200 mg Vivarin works, depending on your tolerance).

Set your alarm a little earlier than usual. When it goes off, immediately take the pill, down the water, and then go back to sleep!

You’ll wake up 15-20 minutes later, ready to crush it. Proceed to crank out 40 pushups, and then take a cold shower. Now go forth and destroy the rest of your day.

You’re welcome.

Vivarin and the like contain 200 mg caffeine, which is a fairly heavy dose, about equal to a large McDonalds iced coffee and more than most energy drinks. My supplements are 100 mg caffeine / 200 mg l-theanine and give just the right boost in alertness and focus.

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The first pack is mixed and chilling. I used distilled water. Tomorrow I’ll find out if I can live with this. :slight_smile:


CVS has a generic 200mg tablet (and now a caplet as well… should be easier to down). I take one every morning and while I don’t really “crush it” so much as sit up in bed and read the news (and this discourse) on my iPad… 45 minutes later after a fantastic crap and good shower and I’m good to go… btw I’ve NEVER been a morning person but somehow over the last few weeks have been able to shift my sleep schedule about 1-1.5hrs earlier which I find AWESOME! Especially in the recent heat… Woke up this morning naturally at 4:10am and at 6:00am was out for a 42 mile ride then a 3 mile run (BRick workout in psycho Triathlon-speak). The downside of course is I’m tired by 9:30pm but so far the trade off has been a big PLUS.


So the 1.5 powder is tan. I was expecting grey. :slight_smile: From what I’ve read, color seems to vary from batch to batch and bag to bag with 1.5.

The smell of the powder was interesting. My first instinct was that I didn’t like it. But then it seemed to smell like cookies. :slight_smile: In a way I felt revolted, but it didn’t last at all. In a way it smelled yeasty, like a bread dough that has set out to rise, perhaps a little too long.

Since I ordered off of Amazon I don’t have the official mixing pitcher. I cut myself a funnel from a used flimsy water bottle and poured half the Soylent bag into an empty gallon distilled water jug, added a quart of water, and shook; then funneled in the rest of the Soylent, another quart of water, and more vigorous shaking.

I might taste it tonight or I might wait for morning. I’m still planning to have my usual 12 oz NOS energy drink, but I’d like to have some Soylent first if I can manage. I usually don’t have much of an appetite in the morning and haven’t eaten breakfast on a regular basis since the very early 1990s. But I’m hoping Soylent will change that. :slight_smile: It would be nice to start the day with nutrition and optional caffeine rather than a tremendous jolt of caffeine and empty calories.


I love it! This stuff is good!!


I don’t see the clumping problem many people have reported. I shake before each drink I take, and I don’t seem to see any settling.

The taste is something like a thin pancake batter without much sugar. Or like milk with something added and/or something missing. I don’t detect any of the yeastiness that I thought I smelled yesterday before mixing. I can detect the grittiness that people have reported, but there is not much at all. The consistency is much, much more pleasant than drinking psyllium fiber.

From what I understand vanilla is not present in 1.5, but to me it tastes like there is a faint hint of it. Also seems faintly sweet.

This is very sustainable, i.e., I believe I could drink this for my main source of nutrition without having to stop for being tired, bored, or disgusted.


So I’m grazing, which is incredibly easy. My jug is in my office breakroom fridge and every so often as I pass through there I take a swig or two. Usually by now I’d be starting to get a bit hungry for lunch, which I usually eat around 11 or 11:30, but not today.

I seem to be really thirsty. I try to get a lot of water each day during my work day (64 oz in ~8 hours), and I may have to up that. My mouth is dry.

I’m going to shoot for consuming half of the jug (1000 calories) today, then just eating as normal at home tonight, then repeating again tomorrow.

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