Plans for scaling production up in the future?


I searched about for this information without success. I understand Soylent is an independent built-from-scratch project. So I get why it takes months, at least, for an order to be filled right now.

My question is, will this be changing? Are there plans for more robust production facilities, larger scale supply chains, more staff to handle logistics et cetera to cut down the production time (to eliminate the production lag, assuming demand remains steady) and lower costs?


See this article: for an answer to this question.


That does not answer my questions.


I don’t see why they would have bad service as a default.


It’s not really a question of service exactly. More of the operational scale. For example, will there be a warehouse to store produced product awaiting orders, or will Soylent simply be produced on demand in perpetuity? If the case is the latter, it will always take over a month before shipping (because of the quality control and copacking process).

At present I am sure many processes are done by hand that could be automated in principle, again assuming steady demand or expanding demand. I am asking if they are working toward automation and instant product availability for some point in the future? Such plans have not been mentioned anywhere if they do.


I’ve mentioned somewhere that we’re using a co-packer, with the ability to produce tens of thousands of units/week. This is how we are going to produce Soylent initially, transitioning to our own facility down the line when it becomes feasible.

We are contracting with a logistics company that has a 100,000 square foot warehouse, they will store the Soylent & prepare shipments for fulfillment.


Sounds great, thanks JulioMiles!