Please consider bottles with extra room for add-ins

I love the Soylent bottles!

They are very convenient.

I like to add stuff to Soylent like PB2 or my own coffee (because the ‘coffeist’ Soylent is WAY too strong for me) so I have to drink a little Soylent, then add the stuff into the bottle to avoid using a second container.

I would like to suggest offering a slightly larger bottle with a couple of ounces of room at the top so I can add my own ingredients.

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We’ve looked into this idea. We maybe beta testing it, but it’s in the “wouldn’t it be cool if” category of priorities. That is to say, it’s not high on the list.


If you’d like beta testers for the idea I’m happy to help.

I’ve been on a 2/3 Soylent diet since the powder beta.

Thanks for the reply!


Did you draw your profile pic?

I didn’t. It’s borrowed from a friend (with permission) who commissioned it for himself.

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