Please critique my DIY Keto recipe


Here is my keto recipe. I believe I have made all of the optimal adjustments for mineral uptake. Please let me know what you think and if I need to adjust anything major. I plan on supplementing additional calories when needed with either MCT Oil, Coconut Oil, or a bit of real food (hard boiled egg maybe).



Generated by Keto Calculator 7.4

29/M/6’2" | CW 215 | 16% BF | Moderately active

  • 2269 kcal Goal, a 27% deficit. (2208 min, 3113 max)
  • 11.8g Carbohydrates
  • 130.86g Protein (109g min, 180g max)
  • 189g Fat (182g min, 282g max)


Welcome to DIY Mike. Nice job. Glad to see new DIY’ers still coming through.

You can remove the MSM, it’s unnecessary as long as you are getting sufficient and complete protein, which you are. The amino acids methionine and cysteine both supply your sulfur needs.

Don’t be surprised if you need to adjust the calories down some either, for myself at least I found I needed less than all the calculators were saying.

Keep us posted on how you like this recipe. A good tasting keto recipe is hard to get.


That is an expensive DIY. I think my KETO is around 6.50 or so.


Thanks for the info, kennufs! Do you happen to have a source for the sulfur conversion? I found some info on the Kegg Pathway which seems to imply your statement about sulfur. However, it also seems to imply that methionine and cysteine are useful on their own as essential amino acids. Are you familiar enough with the topic to expand on that at all? Are the two amino acids themselves sufficient for both sulfur needs as well as their own processes?